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Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ Laptop Review

If it works, don't touch it. That seems to have been the mantra of the Surface Pro family in recent years. There have been hardly any outward changes to a device that precisely for that reason seems increasingly difficult to differentiate from its past editions.That's certainly the case with ...

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Laptop Review

One sits in front of the new Surface Pro 6 and feels that things have hardly changed compared to previous generations. The funny thing is that this goes beyond the feeling, because the changes are effectively minimal. The question, of course, is whether that's good or bad.That's what we tried ...

Microsoft Surface Studio 2 Review

The flip-out display conquers all in an expensive but irresistible deviceWhat a screen, reader friends. It's not just its quality in terms of resolution, contrast or color vibrancy: it's that ability to fold, to almost "fold" and to put itself at our feet so that we suddenly switch from a ...

Microsoft Surface Book 3 Review

It was rumored that Microsoft had prepared releases in the hardware field, but above all there were hints about the recently announced Surface Go 2. Accompanying it is the Surface Book 3, Microsoft's convertible laptop that evolves with a renewal that occurs more than two years after the launch of ...

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 Review

Microsoft's hardware division has grown. The new Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 is already with us, and at Laptop Guide we wanted to see how "real" laptops (with touchscreen, of course) performed.Has Microsoft lost that opportunity to be a benchmark in this market? In our tests with the 15-inch ...

Microsoft Surface Go 2 Laptop Review

Surface Go 2 is the new version of the lightest and most economical device of Microsoft's own brand. A tablet to which you can conveniently add a keyboard case and that improves the qualities of its predecessor in areas such as battery life, screen, connectivity and performance. All this with a ...

Microsoft Surface Pro X Laptop Review

Putting a smartphone processor in a laptop did not seem like a very good idea until recently, but these chips have advanced so much that Microsoft has been betting for some time on a new segment of devices that finally offer an alternative to AMD and Intel chips and, above all, to the x86 ...

Microsoft Surface Go Laptop Review

The Microsoft Surface Go laptop - tablet is a real gem, we'll explain why. At first glance this tablet is almost perfect, it has an innovative design and an extraordinary weight. In this version 2.3 inches in diagonal were reduced and it was really an excellent decision.Unlike other versions ...

Apple MacBook Pro Laptop Review

As always the Apple brand innovates and creates new and more optimized versions focused on users. This time it has released the new MacBook Pro.Therefore, a high performance laptop with a power of 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7 or i9 4-core seventh generation where only laptops like the ASUS ZenBook Pro ...

Apple MacBook Air [2018 Model] Laptop Review

The older MacBook Air is still a high-performance notebook. This laptop is splendid for any type of work, and is that thanks to its Intel Core i5 processor with 2 cores and fifth generation, it matches the performance of the basic processor of the MacBook Pro of the old version.The feature ...

Apple MacBook Air Laptop Review

Apple MacBook Air users have been clamoring for innovations and their plea have been heard. With this laptop, you will find yourself with a thin, lightweight and a high-performance notebook. If you still don't know what the new MacBook Air has to offer, we are going to show you everything it ...

Acer Aspire 3 Laptop Review

The Acer Aspire 3 is the 8th generation laptop, being an excellent value for money 15-inch notebook, making it very attractive for users with tight budgets.This device offers a 15.6-inch Windows 10 laptop, with a Full HD display and an Intel Core i5 chipset. It is certainly an option worth ...

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