Best Cases, Bags & Sleeves for Laptops

Are you about to buy a case for your laptop? Let me tell you that you are about to make an excellent purchase to protect your laptop, as you already know, laptops are very, very vulnerable to suffer damage with the blows that we accidentally cause, it can happen anywhere and at any time.

Those bumps are really outrageous!

They are quite notorious because, in general, the shell and many of the elements that make up the laptop are made of quite fragile materials. In these cases, it is of utmost importance to consider acquiring a case, because with such an accessory, you provide the laptop with more security and comfort for you when moving it.

Therefore, looking for cases for your laptop is not a simple task, it is not enough just to try how it fits you, you also have to analyze its features. 

If you have no idea where to start analyzing, do not worry, our goal is to facilitate this arduous task and solve all the doubts you have. So make yourself comfortable and take note of each aspect mentioned here, as this will help you at the time of making your purchase.

Laptop Sleeves and Cases Comparison

RankingNameBest FeatureCurrent Price
MOSISO Laptop Casedesigned for laptops from 15 to 15.6 inches
Price On Amazon
HP Value Briefcasefront and back compartments to carry your daily accessories with a better organization.
Price On Amazon
AmazonBasics Laptop CaseInside it includes a special padded compartment
Price On Amazon
Arvok Laptop SleeveIts external lining material is made of canvas, with a classic and very elegant style that offers superior protection.
Price On Amazon
REYLEO Laptop Backpackbriefcase is made of the best quality polyester, which gives it a great resistance and impermeability to rainy days
Price On Amazon

What You Should Know About Laptop Cases

On various sites and Internet stores you can find an infinite number of ads for three types of bags. What I should point out is that there is not much difference between the three, they are very similar. It is possible that at some point you will come across a messenger bag with a laptop sleeve, or a briefcase capable of holding laptops that includes a strap.

In any case, such an accessory will also serve to store and protect your laptop, among many other electronic devices.

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Although this article is mainly about laptop cases, some of them are quite similar to messenger bags.

What To Look For in a Laptop Case?

Before making your purchase, you should keep in mind the features that are important to you, it’s like thinking about the qualities you would like your ideal girl to have, think clearly what should be special about that case so you can fall in love with it and buy it without fear of being disappointed when you receive your order.

If you still don’t have those characteristics in mind, don’t worry. Here I will give you some ideas.


An important point, before making your purchase of the laptop briefcase, either because it is very nice, has good details, some prints, etc. What do you think?

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This comes second, because you should not buy a case that is cool enough, (or maybe yes), if you have a 15-inch laptop and the model that you liked and which you fell in love with is only available for a 13-inch laptop. What a disappointment!

So before you buy any model, take into account the size of your laptop, the chances of getting a model of the same size in the future and base your decision on that. 

If you are thinking of buying a larger laptop, I suggest you look for a case of a few inches more. This way you can reuse your case as many times as necessary, these do not deteriorate if you take good care of them, but it will be useless if your laptop is too big. 

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Ease of Transport

Some laptop cases usually have a strap for carrying, you should analyze in each model if the strap has some padding that allows you to enjoy greater comfort during your walk, or check if that strap can be removed so you can turn your briefcase into a kind of handbag.

If you are one of those people who travel frequently, and you need to keep up with your work so you don’t miss your flight time, then you’ll want to keep your briefcase close by.

Organizational Compartments

Usually, briefcases are not only for carrying a laptop, they are also useful for carrying some business cards, important documents, electronic devices (cell phone, tablet), cables and many more accessories.

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Each briefcase has at least three compartments, although some newer models include more, it is essential that you are prepared for any situation and do not have to be sorry to have forgotten an important accessory.

Material of the Case

When we talk about lining, we refer to the material with which the case is made, it is necessary that you check the quality of the material, that it is a good enough lining to be resistant to scratches, that it is some kind of waterproof for rainy days.

You should also check that the inside is a very resistant padding to falls or blows, this in order to keep your laptop in the best conditions in any weather or situation. Do not expose your laptop with cases of dubious origin or of some cheap material, remember that the safety of your laptop depends on you.

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Backpack or Briefcase?

If you think that common backpacks are good for carrying your laptop, let me tell you that you are in trouble, for any reason I do not recommend you to use your backpack to carry your laptop.

The backpacks that are designed for this specific task, include a specific cover that is responsible for protecting your computer at all costs, in addition to keeping it in the best conditions and likewise to all your accessories, all this without running the risk of damage.

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Your Time To Choose

Now that you know the most important aspects to evaluate before purchasing your new laptop case, it is time to choose the right model for you, always taking into account that it is the right one for your needs and that it is according to your budget.

Laptop Sleeve and Cases Review

We have prepared for you a list of the 5 best laptop cases. These models have been selected by experts, highlighted in the market as the best, we hope that some are to your liking, carefully analyze each one and choose the one that best suits you:

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1) MOSISO Laptop Case

The MOSISO brand laptop case is designed for laptops from 15 to 15.6 inches, ideal for all kinds of brands, its internal dimensions are 15.55 x 0.79 x 11.22 inches, and external dimensions of 16.14 x 0.79 x 11.22 inches.

Its outer canvas fabric allows you to carry your laptop with a unique and elegant style. It offers a layer of polyester foam padding and an excellent fleece lining that allows shock absorption and at the same time, protection of your laptop from annoying accidental scratches.

It is ultra slim and lightweight, you can slide your laptop with ease and it is also ideal for you to store this case in your backpack or other bag.

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Its handles allow you to carry your laptop very comfortably, and its additional pockets are very practical to carry your important documents or your cell phone, tablet or laptop charging cables.

A very comfortable, practical and elegant briefcase model that you can carry everywhere, keep your laptop in perfect conditions, you will not have to worry about rainy days, because this briefcase will protect your laptop at all times.

Do not wait any longer and buy this case, ideal if you want to be fashionable and your accessories to match your laptop.

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2) HP Value Briefcase

Backed by a great brand, the HP Value laptop case has a size of 41.2 x 30.4 x 6.3 cm, perfect for keeping your 16.1 inch laptop protected in all your travels with its excellent padded compartment, it also has front and back compartments to carry your daily accessories with a better organization.

The main compartment, made with a good quality padding, allows you to keep your laptop protected at all times from bumps or accidental scratches everyday.

In addition, with this great case you will completely forget about muscle aches, because it’s design allows you to carry it by hand or adjust the strap to carry it on your back, it is very light and you will not feel the load while you are walking.

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Keep your laptop in perfect condition and all your objects at hand, with its pockets that will allow you to have everything organized for easy location, its modern and elegant design will combine with you wherever you go.

3) AmazonBasics Laptop Case

The AmazonBasics briefcase is a slim shoulder bag, with a dimension of 44 x 7 x 35cm, very practical, that allows you to carry your laptop with great comfort, designed to protect and store at all times both your laptop and your electronic devices.

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Inside it includes a special padded compartment to store your laptop, its design allows it not to be very bulky, in addition, it is equipped with several compartments that allow you to store some everyday accessories, or your supplies.

But that’s not all, if you thought that the exterior pockets are not enough for you, let me inform you that this case is also equipped with some internal compartments, you can organize everything you need and use it at the right time.

Its size allows you to store and protect a laptop up to 17.3 inches, a case with a basic design but very comfortable and elegant, besides being quite discreet and you can pass it off as an ordinary briefcase.

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Do not miss the opportunity to purchase this laptop case, which fits your needs and takes care of your pocket.

4) Arvok Laptop Sleeve

The Arvok laptop case is designed to store and protect most laptops from 15 to 15.6 inches, of all brands such as ASUS, Lenovo, HP, etc., has an internal dimension of 38 cm x 3 cm x 28 cm and external dimension of 41 cm x 3.1 cm x 31.5 cm.

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Its external lining material is made of canvas, with a classic and very elegant style that offers superior protection, internal compartment is a soft and thick padding that protects the laptop from bumps, scratches and even spills of drink or liquid.

Its handle allows a comfortable transport, in addition, you will not feel the weight of the load, its waterproof canvas allows you to be calm in those moments or rainy days, your laptop will be dry all the time.

The external and internal compartments allow you to take your daily accessories with you on all your trips, whether it’s your charger, some pens or important documents.

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A simple, comfortable and very elegant case that will be your best ally in the task of protecting your laptop during your travels.

5) REYLEO Laptop Backpack

The REYLEO laptop case is backed by various products such as backpacks and sleeves, this case is made of high quality materials, with a dimension of 43 x 33 x 9 CM, fits laptops from 13 to 15.6 inches of all brands.

Its padded compartment is ideal to keep your laptop safe in any situation, whether it is bumps or scratches of everyday use, its multiple additional compartments are suitable for carrying your accessories or important documents, ideal to meet your needs.

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This incredible briefcase is made of the best quality polyester, which gives it a great resistance and impermeability to rainy days, it is very light and easy to carry.

It is equipped with a strap that adjusts to you, in addition, it is very easy to put on and take off. Its back has a special padding that protects your laptop from shocks.

At the same time, it has an additional strap on the back, ideal for attaching firmly to your suitcase, thus giving the comfort you need if you are a person who travels often and with your laptop at hand, in addition to having a USB port where you can charge your phone very comfortably while walking or traveling on public transport.

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Don’t miss this opportunity and get a case that offers you the security and comfort that your laptop needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is It Worth Investing My Money in a Laptop Briefcase and Sleeve?

If you are a user who likes to keep your laptop in the best condition, you will know that the price of these cases does not compare with the value of a new laptop, plus you have the assurance that your laptop will always be in the best condition for you.

Q: Are These Cases Drop Resistant?

Of course, the main compartment is covered with a padding very resistant to shocks and falls, your laptop will be in the best conditions, you will not have to worry about this.

Q: What if I Buy a Case Bigger Than My Laptop?

This is not very advisable, since you would have a lot of space to spare, this reduces the protection of your laptop and adds discomfort during transport, therefore, it is recommended that before acquiring a case, verify the size of the laptop.

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