Best Laptops for 3D Modeling and Rendering

For every designer there is nothing better than having a laptop that really has the necessary features to do its job. Of course, you can’t compare the work of a designer who only does 2-dimensional work or illustrations with those designers who excel in the area of 3D modeling or design. 

Of course, in the case of a 3D designer, it is necessary to have a team that has better characteristics than any other 2-dimensional work. This is because at the time of making this type of project, it is necessary to render to give that final and realistic touch, that last touch where you can really appreciate an excellent finish.

RankingNameBest FeatureCurrent Price
MSI GP75 Leopard 9SF-1037XESintel core i7 9th generation processor
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Lenovo Ideapad 530S-14IKB4 in 1 connectivity ports
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ASUS TUF Gaming FX505DY-BQ024AMD graphics card
Price On Amazon
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MSI GP63 Leopard 8RE-665XES Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5 Graphics Card
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Here is where programs like lumion are protagonists are giving that touch of realism in such a way that it really manages to express all that generating concept that gave rise to that design. However, in this case this is not the only protagonist, as there are other key programs such as Illustrator, Photoshop and 3DMax. These are very important programs when a designer decides to do some three-dimensional work.

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It should be noted that depending on the programs to be used, will depend on the characteristics with which your laptop should count. Among the main features you should pay great attention to are the ram memory, the processor and the graphics card. Since this is precisely what will depend on how well your laptop functions

RAM Memory and Processor Ideal for a 3D Designer

These are features that go hand in hand when it comes to wanting a laptop that is ideal for a 3D designer. Since precisely depending on uses such as

Programs to be Used

Since precisely each of the programs required at the time of a 3D design require specific features especially to the amount of ram memory. Since this will depend on certain actions in the program to slow down your laptop. Of course, the processor in this case is also very important, since the correct execution of the program will depend on it.

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Number of Programs To Be Executed at the Same Time

Sometimes it can be necessary for a designer to run or use more than one program at the same time. That’s why taking into account the fact that the better the processor and the bigger the ram memory. In this case you should have no problem. Of course the fact that it will influence both the amount and exactly the type of program to run.

Proportion of the Design

In this case it is necessary to emphasize the magnitude of the design to be done. For example if it is a modeling of a house or a three-dimensional design of some object to be printed on a giant poster. 

In both cases, it is necessary to have the necessary equipment to provide a good visualization of the three-dimensional object to be designed, and to do so, it is necessary to have the minimum required in the memory of the graphic card.

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Graphics Card of a 3D Designer’s Laptop

When it comes to making any design, it is essential to have the necessary graphics card capacity. However, many ask themselves what is the minimum required for a three-dimensional design? 

Well, it would be a matter of confirming the requirements of the design program or programs you are going to use. Of course you must also take into account the magnitude of the design to be made. 

Depending on the proportion of the object to be modeled, the amount of pixels will depend and will of course define the minimum memory required for your graphics card. It is as simple as the fact that the bigger the object to design, the bigger the graphics card should be. This way you can have the definition you need to make your three-dimensional designs without any problem and also enjoy all the visuals you can offer.

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What Can Happen if Your Graphics Card Memory Doesn’t Meet the Minimum Requirement?

Well, this is definitely not recommended for 3D designers. Because in these cases the work can become an excessively uncomfortable procedure. This is because when you try to open the file it does not load or your computer screen freezes. Of course, this type of situation must be extremely awful for any designer.

The ideal is simply to have a laptop that really meets your expectations. Your laptop should allow you to make your 3D designs without slowing down, freezing or closing the programs unexpectedly. That is, without any inconvenience. Here is the importance of paying due attention to the requirements of the programs you are going to use before choosing a laptop.

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The Importance of Choosing the Ideal Laptop

There are many features to consider when choosing a laptop. And more if you are a 3D designer. Since in this case definitely not any laptop has to adapt to your needs. Since these types of designs must be made by specific programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketchup, 3D Max, Lumion, among others … And each one requires certain minimum characteristics to run without affecting your computer.

Of course there are some minimum features when choosing a laptop for a 3D designer. This is in case you are starting in this three-dimensional world and your budget is not the highest. Then you can choose a laptop that has at least 8gb of ram memory complemented with a processor of at least 1400ghz. So that you can run the design program you require without any problem.

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However, it is important to note that when it comes to rendering, it is necessary to have some patience, because depending on the proportion of your design, this process can take a few minutes. The important thing is that once it is finished, you will appreciate an excellent finish that will definitely show you that the effort and time invested has been worthwhile.

Of course, the higher the proportion of your design and the more realistic the finish, the more your laptop should look like. For example, in the case of large three-dimensional designs, the ideal is to have 64gb of ram memory. It is true that a laptop usually does not have this capacity. However, it should be noted that it can be expanded to reach the ideal capacity to make the designs you want without any problems.

The Advantages of Laptops for 3D Designers

Of course, for a 3D designer, the more RAM memory your laptop has, the better the performance. So that you can run one or more programs more smoothly and without risk of the computer slowing down. On the other hand, the rendering process should be faster as the RAM expands.

In the case that you have a laptop that at first only has 8gb of ram memory is not a problem. If at some point you consider that it is really necessary to expand it, it is only a matter of buying another RAM and improving the performance of your laptop. 

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You should consider the fact that many laptops have two slots, in which you can put two different ram memories. So if you had a 8GB laptop at the beginning, you can buy another 8GB laptop and have a 16GB one. Of course you will have a better performance.

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However, it is not only a matter of expanding the ram again and again. This will depend on the processor of your laptop. So the processor alone will indicate the maximum ram memory you can have in your laptop. Here is the importance of paying attention to this kind of feature before buying a laptop.

In the case that your laptop has a built-in ram, it is simply not possible to expand it. However, this does not necessarily have to be an inconvenience. Before you buy any laptop it is important to check if it has the ram and processor you need. If so, then you will know that although you cannot expand it, it is not a problem because it is not really necessary.

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As you will see when choosing a laptop, it is important that you know what you are really going to use it for. It is not necessary to have a laptop that has a great capacity to make simple designs. On the other hand, you should not acquire a laptop that simply does not have the minimum requirements that the designs to be made in the various programs to run.

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Best Laptops for 3D Modeling and Rendering Review

1) MSI GP75 Leopard 9SF-1037XES (Ideal for 3d Designs)

If you are looking for a laptop with great speed, this laptop offers great features such as its processor which is intel core i7 9th generation which has better performance than previous generations. 

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If you’re looking for a laptop that not only offers great performance but also a unique style, the answer is the MSI GP75 Leopard 9SF-1037XES all thanks to a sporty design combined with great performance. If you want a team that supports 3D graphics this laptop will support you thanks to its new GP series.

MSI GP75 is the laptop that will give you the great opportunity to take advantage of APP Player, which was developed by the workers of BlueStacks, so MSI APP Player gives you an experience at the level of game design and much more in a very fluid way.

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2) Lenovo Ideapad 530S-14IKB

Elegant design, the IdeaPad 530S makes elegance seem simple with its design from 1.49 kg and 16.4 mm. Likewise, the polished aluminum finish will make a difference wherever you go.

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More than you might expect, the IdeaPad 530S offers amazing power with outstanding application performance and diverse storage options.

With versatile connectivity, thanks to its various ports, such as USB 3.1 type C, USB 3.0, HDMI and a card reader which works 4 in 1, you can connect all your devices without problems and without additional purchases.

With this laptop you can make your 3D designs from anywhere, you just have to be patient when rendering because this function requires a lot of strength from the laptop, it is recommended to have something that gives a good ventilation not to overload the laptop.

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3) ASUS TUF Gaming FX505DY-BQ024

This laptop was mainly designed for Gaming but because of its specifications it is perfect for making 3D designs without any problem.

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The laptop offers great features for video playback thanks to its AMD graphics card, it takes into account the great resources of the laptop as its RAM memory accompanied by its high-powered processor ideal for running different programs.

In its physical aspect it should be noted that it has a lighted keyboard which gives a better presentation and use for the computer.

4) BMAX X14

The BMAX X14 is a very complete laptop that offers great features but before explaining them it is important to know that thanks to the fact that it has 8GB of RAM with an Intel UHD Graphics 600 graphics card you will be able to work the necessary 3D programs but with the minimum requirements, however the computer offers you a modern and beautiful look, it has a totally metallic surface that is made of aluminum alloy, smooth, which makes it look beautiful and resistant. 

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This trendy laptop will make you the center of attention wherever you use it.

5) The MSI GP63 Leopard 8RE-665XES laptop

If you are looking for a laptop to make 3D designs the MSI GP63 Leopard 8RE-665XES is suitable because it has great features such as an Intel Core i7-8750H processor (6 cores, 9 MB Cache, 2.2 GHz up to 4. 1 GHz) accompanied by a RAM of 16 GB DDR4 which gives you the speed to run various programs but the most important thing when making the purchase of a laptop for 3D designs is the graphics card and this laptop should not deceive you because despite being a lightweight computer that you can easily manipulate the computer has a built-in graphics card Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5.

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The laptop does not have the operating system installed so you can make your choice, but for storage it has a 256 GB SSD hard disk, 1 TB HDD (7200 rpm) so you have the option to save the information that is necessary on the computer.

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