Best Laptop Sticker, Skins & Decals

When we talk about styling our laptop, it comes to mind an endless number of designs and images with which we can achieve our goal. So far so good, but then comes the moment or rather, the question that will make us spin all over the place.

How to achieve it? Do not worry, you’re in the right place, because in this buying guide, I have an objective to help you find the vinyl or sticker so you can decorate your laptop. There is nothing better than giving a personal touch to your laptop with the great collection I have prepared for you. 

Remember that it is not just about buying for the sake of buying, because even if they seem simple decals or vinyl, there are also some aspects that you should review so that your purchase is as smart as possible and do not buy a product that does not ensure a great durability.

But here is not something you should be alarmed about, because the models shown are of the best quality, high strength materials and above all, great durability.

So take note of the above, as all this will be of great help when choosing the best for you.

Laptop Skins, Sticker & Decals Comparison Table

RankingNameBest FeatureCurrent Price
PAMIYO Laptop StickersMade of high quality PVC plastic
Price On Amazon
Xpassion Laptop StickersProviding a great resistance to sun and moisture
Price On Amazon
TaylorHe Protective Vinyl Laptop StickerWith a dimension of 38 x 25.5 cm, it is the right size for laptops up to 15 inches.
Price On Amazon
TaylorHe Vinyl With Purple and Pink Butterflies Laptop StickerIt is very easy to place and remove, forget about the annoying glue residue, just clean your laptop to leave it like new.
Price On Amazon
TaylorHe Lord of the Rings Design Vinyl Laptop StickerIts design is printed with ecological pigments, which are very friendly to the environment.
Price On Amazon

Things To Consider Before Buying Laptop Skins

To choose the vinyl or batch of stickers with which you are going to decorate your laptop, it is important that you take into account some aspects, so you can choose what best suits your needs and of course, your pocket. Therefore, in this buying guide the main objective is to solve all your doubts before you make your investment, so that you can acquire a quality product.

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Sticker or Vinyl?

Surely you are still in doubt whether to choose a vinyl or a set of stickers, let’s talk a little about it.

If you plan to purchase a vinyl, you should know that this product is very elegant, offers excellent protection to your laptop and an incredible design. Besides being very economical they also offer waterproofing against annoying accidental spills, plus additional protection against scratches or bumps on the front, they are ideal if yours is not to be very extravagant and looking for something simple but elegant.

For the case of the stickers, it is something completely different, because its presentation is usually in lots of 100 to 300 pieces, ideal if you are a very decorative person and with incredible ideas, these stickers are images combined with urban art, cartoons and even some brands. 

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They are very effective in making incredible collages and place them anywhere on the laptop, either on the top cover or in the keyboard area, this is the most fun part of the stickers.

Manufacturing Material

You should know that the material with which your vinyl or stickers are made, has a lot to talk about. You should look for models or brands that offer products with a high resistance material, the chosen models are made of PVC plastic, which offers great resistance to various factors, including:


As you already know, heat is the number one factor that completely detach the vinyl or stickers, as it causes the plastic to deteriorate and gradually begins to detach from the laptop, completely ruining the design and as a result you have to completely remove the vinyl or stickers.

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Without a doubt, humidity is another factor that causes the detachment of the vinyl and stickers, because there comes a certain time when you have to clean your laptop, this you do with the help of wet towels or rags, and as a result, the glue disintegrates and start the annoying detachment of the corners, which end up removing the plastic.


Dust goes hand in hand with heat and humidity, because between both factors they achieve a detachment that results in the entry of dust, which causes a faster detachment of the vinyl or sticker and sometimes, some scratches derived from the same dust.

After analyzing these factors, I recommend once again that you purchase products that are made of PVC plastic, which is very resistant to these three factors, no doubt, you will have a vinyl or sticker design that will last a long time, you can show off your design anywhere regardless of the weather,

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In the case of the vinyls, they are manufactured for a specific size, usually they are for laptops of 15 inches, therefore, before making your purchase, you should check the size of your laptop, because if you have a smaller laptop, you will have to cut the vinyl, this practice has the consequence of completely ruining the design and losing the view that at some point you imagined to have.

If your laptop is larger than 15 inches, you should look for a larger vinyl, so that you can cover the front cover completely and your laptop does not look like a tablecloth table or a Windows wallpaper.

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For the stickers there is not much problem, usually the size of the sticker is about 5 inches, you will not have any problem placing them, no matter the position; this is the most fun, because you don’t need to apply gravity laws to place them, just have fun!

Vinyl Design and Stickers

If you chose to buy vinyl, great!

But before this, you should have already chosen the design that you are going to put on your laptop, some manufacturers offer incredible vinyl designs on landscapes, animals and even cartoons and video games. It all depends on your taste, remember that this design will remain on your laptop for a long time, so you must be very careful when choosing.

You must also take into account the surface of your laptop, as some have the logo of the brand in relief, and if the vinyl is not thick enough, it will not be able to cover the logo and there will be an edge that will result in completely ruining the design.

Once the vinyl is placed, I doubt you will want to remove it and lose your investment in an instant, so think well and look for a model that you consider appropriate, if you still do not know what to choose, later I will show you some elegant models that may be to your liking.

On the contrary, if you chose to choose the stickers, let me tell you that this is something more feasible, because the stickers have the great advantage that you can make incredible collages and accommodate the stickers in different positions, no matter the size of the image, they will fit perfectly on your laptop, whatever the site.

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With them you can decorate from the surface to the keyboard area. Besides, the sticker packs come in a variety of designs that you can combine no matter what your style is, just have fun!

Now, It’s Your Decision

Now that you know what there is to know about these products, it’s time for you to choose what suits you best, so I took the liberty of choosing some models of vinyl and stickers that you can buy at a reasonable price.

Laptop Sticker Review

The models shown are made with high quality materials, which ensure durability and resistance to any factor, plus a unique style that will give your laptop the personal touch you are looking for:

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1) PAMIYO Laptop Stickers

The PAMIYO stickers lot is made up of 200 adhesive and varied units, which come from stickers for children, as well for adults and best of all is that there is no repeated image.

You will not have to worry about its durability, because they are made of high quality PVC plastic, which gives them an incredible solar resistance and impermeability to the annoying accidental spills. Each sticker is of different sizes so you can paste them at will in a simple way, besides getting an incredible view of each figure.

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These stickers are ideal to place on any surface, from your laptop, wall, vehicles, books and notebooks and even for your glasses, decorate everything you want with each sticker.

In addition to this, they can be the perfect gift for a family member or friend addicted to stickers and decoration, you can not miss this opportunity to brighten their day.

With these stickers, you don’t need to be an expert in decoration, just clean the surface perfectly and apply your sticker, let your imagination fly and create your own works with 200 stickers that are at your fingertips.

2) Xpassion Laptop Stickers

Xpassion stickers are a good option to decorate your laptop, its 200 stickers are ideal to apply on any surface, they are made of PVC plastic, which is gummed to give an incredible view to each design.

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All the decals are of different designs, there are no repeats, in addition to providing a great resistance to sun and moisture, they are sized from 2.3 to 4.7 inches. They are very easy to place and remove, besides having an incredible view in each figure.

If you are a decoration lover or if you have a family member or friend who loves stickers, this could be the perfect gift for that person. You don’t need to be a great artist to create incredible works, just let your imagination fly and place the stickers wherever you want.

You can choose the stickers you like the most and with them create amazing designs on your laptop, let the stickers do their job.

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Think it’s too good to be true? Check it out…

3) TaylorHe Protective Vinyl Laptop Sticker

The protective vinyl of TaylorHe, can be your best ally to give your laptop the style you’ve always wanted. With a dimension of 38 x 25.5 cm, it is the right size for laptops up to 15 inches.

It should be noted that this vinyl is printed by the best equipment and pigments on the market, which are very friendly to the environment, every detail of the design is unique, there is nothing better than an ecological vinyl.

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Its blue stars design will give an amazing view to your laptop, besides being unisex. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, this design is for you.

Its leather effect finish provides excellent resistance to the sun and impermeability to those annoying accidental spills, you can show off your vinyl anywhere, you will not have to worry.

Its manufacturing material allows you to easily place and remove this vinyl, without leaving those annoying glue residues or stains difficult to remove, forget about this.

If your laptop is smaller, you can cut the vinyl and adapt it to perfection, without fear of ruining the design.

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4) TaylorHe Vinyl With Purple and Pink Butterflies Laptop Sticker

The vinyl with purple and pink butterflies design, has a dimension of 38 x 25.5 cm, enough to cover a 15 inch laptop, it can be easily cut so you can adapt it to smaller laptops, with the security of preserving the design.

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Printed on micro-ribbed with ecological pigments, which are very environmentally friendly. In addition to providing great resistance to the sun and impermeability to those annoying accidental spills.

All this is also possible thanks to its leather effect finish, which completely covers the surface, including the embossed brand of your laptop. 

This vinyl is unisex, so no matter your gender, as long as this vinyl is to your liking, you can buy it, it is very easy to place and remove, forget about the annoying glue residue, just clean your laptop to leave it like new.

Do not miss this opportunity and get a very colorful and elegant vinyl, just for you.

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5) TaylorHe Lord of the Rings Design Vinyl Laptop Sticker

The incredible vinyl for laptop, with design of the lord of the rings, has a dimension of 38 x 25.5 cm, ideal for 15 inch laptops, which you can cut from the bottom to adapt it to smaller laptops, without losing the view and the design that offers you.

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Printed on high heat resistant micro-ribbed, in addition to an incredible impermeability to accidental spills, its design is printed with ecological pigments, which are very friendly to the environment.

This resistance and durability is also possible, thanks to its leather effect finish, which is very easy to clean, without fear of detaching the vinyl.

At the same tome, this vinyl is very easy to apply and remove, this in turn, allows your laptop to be free of annoying glue residue and stains that can be difficult to remove.

A unique and incredible design that you can buy at a great price. Don’t think twice.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I Place a Vinyl on Laptops Smaller Than 15 Inches?

Yes you can, although it is recommended that they are not placed on laptops smaller than 13.5 inches, since you would be making an excessive cut and you can lose the design. Be very careful when doing this practice.

Q: Are Both Products Durable?

Of course! Both the stickers and the vinyls are very durable, the PVC plastic with which they are made, are resistant to heat, humidity and dust. They will not peel off for a long time.

Q: Can the Vinyl or Stickers Cover the Logo of My Laptop?

Yes, its thickness and consistency of both allows you to completely cover the logo, even if it is the relief, you can create a design with stickers around it or cover it with vinyl without any problem. It’s all up to you.

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