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A programmer needs a lot of resources on his laptop, from the programs that are the basis for the creation and modification of a code. Whether for a software development program or a website, without leaving aside the smooth operation and comfort of their laptops.

There are simple programs such as Visual Basic, which is a program that runs on Windows, being created by the experts at Microsoft and despite being a simple program; it is useful to start in the world of programming, the excellent thing about this program is that it does not require such a powerful laptop.

The program mentioned above can work with great performance on computers with only 2 GB of RAM and 1.4 GHz processors. 

However, it is recommended that the laptops have better features, which will help a better way to the operation of the laptop.

Something to keep in mind, is that currently we use lines of code created in Visual Basic, but there are many tools to create your codes and program power through different tools or text editors for programmers.

Currently there are many languages to program but the most used are PHP, Java, Java Script, PYTHON, C++ and many more.

RankingNameBest FeatureCurrent Price
ASUS X543i3-7020U 2.3GHz Processor
Price On Amazon
MEDION E2221t2GB RAM & 32GB Hard Disk
Price On Amazon
HP 255 G7Radeon R3 Graphics Card
Price On Amazon
BMAX X14Ultra flat 1080p Full HD Screen
Price On Amazon
HP Pavilion 15-bc521nsi5 9300h processor & NVIDIA Gtx1650 4GB graphics card
Price On Amazon

Laptop With Minimum Features for a Programmer

The minimum and necessary resources for a programmer, vary according to what you want to program and the base you use, although it is very variable. 

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The minimum that can be marked as a starting point, is a laptop that has a processor with a frequency of 1.4 GHz accompanied by a RAM memory of 2 GB. What gives a great point in your favor is that these laptops are not expensive.

Something to keep in mind is that these laptops are not high-end, where you may have some limitations.

When trying to execute something of greater graphical efficiency or when executing multitasks like opening a variety of windows and programs while you are elaborating a project.

Portable Laptop Recommendation for a Programmer

In the world of programming, there are different activities that can be done. However, there are features that you should keep in mind, so that a laptop is the most optimal and does not cause problems when programming. 

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As already mentioned, programmers are dedicated to the use of different tools, either to develop applications, systems for different purposes or websites, in order to facilitate the work of others, 

The most recommendable thing that you should have on a laptop are the following; 2 GHz processor, 8 GB of RAM, 250 GB hard disk, 2 GB graphic card minimum. 

With these features ensures that the laptop can support any programming work that touches it.

An important part of owning a mid-range laptop, is that the responses to executions of programs used in the art of programming, will be executable in a much more optimal and efficient way.

The recommendations mentioned above, are the fundamental basis that helps a lot to make your computer suitable to support intense hours of work. 

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On the other hand, but not less important that allows an excellent execution of your operating system (Windows, Linux) or Mac OS in the case of Apple.

How To Make the Most Suitable Choice of a Laptop for a Programmer?

First you must know what your priorities are, and know if you will do multiple processes with your laptop or is just to program. In order to know which are the ideal specifications for you. 

An example may be if your laptop will program, while watching YouTube tutorials and downloading information from the Internet, we know that in this case you need a laptop with a powerful processor, with a minimum of 8 GB RAM, to prevent the laptop from overheating and slowing down.

Another feature you should take into account is that laptops are mostly purchased to be able to move them to different places. To be able to continue working or to be able to show the developed works to your clients.

For this reason, it is important that you consider our recommendations when choosing your laptop for programs, since they will give you a better skill when developing or showing your elaborated works.

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Video Card and Screen

Before giving you a headache to know the requirements of the graphic part of your laptop to program. You must consider two very important factors before acquiring your ideal laptop model for programming.

First Consideration

If you are only going to develop plain text on your laptop, that is, to write only simple lines of code, such as if you go to your client and write a suggestion series in your code and nothing else. 

For that case, you only need a laptop with a common graphic card of the low-middle range models.

Second Consideration

Now, if you are one of the programmers of large systems and make use of various platforms for the development of your code. If you need an outstanding graphics card with minimum features such as Full HD, 2 GB of memory onwards; for the visualization of your big projects.

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The size or resolution of the screen are relevant points for taste and convenience of the user, some people prefer large screens and others not so large.

However, you should know something of great importance and that is a laptop with low quality graphics card and screen, often present obstacles to programming as not to show an optimal way of code.

That’s why it is important that you evaluate the suggestions given to buy the laptop for programming, that you have the best and highest possible performance in the visual part.

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Do You Know?

The first programming language was not in a computer. The first programming languages, or more specifically domain-specific languages were the looms or the pianos of the 19th century.

The Best Laptops for Programming

In order to get a good choice of the most suitable laptop for you, we bring you a list with the description of the best models currently to program:

  • ASUS X543.
  • MEDION E2221t.
  • HP 255 G7.
  • BMAX X14.
  • HP Pavilion 15-bc521ns.

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1) ASUS X543 (Portable to Program)

ASUS X543, the laptop model of this prestigious brand, brings in this model a powerful presentation for your performance. Integrated with an i3-7020U processor with a processing frequency of 2.3GHz.

Part of its interior is its RAM memory which has 8 GB in order to have a greater speed in the execution of all its programs and processes. In addition, its 512 GB hard disk where you can perform the installation of programs with high memory demand without problems.

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We have talked about the high-end features of its interior, which integrate for optimal performance a 3-cell lithium battery, allowing a much faster and durable charge for hours without being connected to your charger. 

Available in the colors silver or brushed gray, the X543 stands out from the crowd of laptops for innovation, design and performance.

A model recommended for programmers by the extensive features it has, giving better performance and fulfillment of their functions both to enable installation of various programs, as for resistance to forced labor for hours.

The degree of connectivity it also has is a plus to its functions, has HDMI connection port, a USB 3.1 port for faster file transfer. It’s only limitation is that it does not have an optical CD/DVD reader.

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This laptop is light, its weight is 1.9 kg, perfect for programmers who work in constant movement from home to office and vice versa. Perfect, elegant, fast and of diverse functionalities and it is to a good price.

2) MEDION E2221t (Portable to Program)

The MEDION E222It is a basic laptop for your different activities but it works efficiently, and it has some minimum characteristics to work in simple activities.

Within its internal characteristics it has a minimum operation, but that allows you to execute your simple tasks. Its functions will be carried out without any inconvenience, the performance given is adjusted to its price.

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If what you require is a laptop to start learning the art of programming or to be used as a team to carry your projects or notes of them, this model is perfect for you. 

Among its qualities is the Atom X5-Z8350 processor with a working frequency of 1.44 GHz, with a 2 GB RAM memory for storing data from the execution of programs. The graphic part works with an integrated Intel HD Graphics card.

Now we will talk about the part that is catalogued as its limitation which is its hard disk, which has a capacity of 32 GB in this presentation. But don’t worry, that’s not a problem, because it can be replaced by a higher capacity and improved performance.

The truth is that the Medion E222IT laptop is a low-end model, recommended for low-budget programmers or those who use extra equipment to bring to the office. But finally it is simple, light, economical and compliant.

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3) HP 255 G7 Laptop for Programming

The HP 255 G7 is a laptop that has the classic, powerful, efficient and good looking HP look as it usually does in all laptop models.

This laptop is a model that, by the good characteristics it has, is a team that will give a programmer efficiency in the development of their work. 

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Its design, if simple, has a screen of 15.6 inches HD, weighing approximately 2 kg and inside it is what matters to a programmer for the functionality of the team, integrating a 256 GB hard drive.

That disk capacity mentioned above, works in conjunction with a powerful processor A4 9125 of an excellent frequency of 2.60 GHz in average work, also has a RAM memory of 8 GB for storage of processes executed on the hard disk.

Its graphic part is not left behind, it incorporates a Radeon R3 video card that will give a screen display in HD without any delay in all its reproductions.

Now what if it is a laptop for programmers? Let me tell you that it is, and one of the best, only the features that it represents, help a programmer to work long hours and present the best projects.

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Best of all, you can get it for a good price, giving you a good reference to its quality-price from the manufacturer.

4) BMAX X14 – Portable Laptop for Programming

The new BMAX X14 is the new notebook of this brand representing a 2 in 1 model, which works as a laptop and tablet at the same time.

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If just looking at its design you will be delighted, it is ultra slim with a weight of 2 pounds and a thickness of 13 mm a complete wonder to carry it to all your project presentations.

But not only design is based on this laptop, it has some great internal performance features as well, in its internal part integrates an Intel processor the Gemini Lake N4220 4-core Gen with 2.60 GHz frequency.

It has a 256 GB hard disk of solid storage and a capacity of its RAM of 8 GB so as not to allow it to freeze in the middle of your work. Its screen is ultra flat 1080p Full HD quality for its visual part.

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And if you have not yet fallen in love with this laptop BMAX X4 laptop is complemented by a graphics card Intel 9th Gen UHD Graphics 600. The truth is that this laptop has wonderful design, optimal performance and incredible graphics.

Perfect laptop for programmers who are dedicated to making tours of all their customers or work to be done, you like to take your laptop everywhere.

5) HP Pavilion 15-bc521ns – Portable Laptop for Programming

With the HP Pavilon 15-bc521ns laptop there will be no compilation of programming code that you don’t want to run on them. 

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Its light and practical design will make you fall in love with it just by looking at it from afar, now in question of performance it will be more charming when you see it executing your tasks, that’s why we will see each one of its characteristics.

Inside it has a solid 512 GB hard disk with great performance in the execution of their programs, complemented by an extensive 8 GB of RAM memory. Everything under a processor i5 9300h of a power in frequency of 4.44 GHz.

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On your screen has a 15.6¨ full HD with a 4GB NVIDIA Gtx1650 graphics card, imagine what processing in its graphics can run on it, the truth is that it is a power in all respects. 

And to finish this laptop is recommended for the efficiency that you want to achieve for the programmers in work of great requirements in the use of all features of your laptop.

In short, it is a lightweight model, with great features, excellence in graphics and high-end, with a price very close to their qualities Enjoy!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I use a low-end laptop for programming?

Yes, the truth is that a low-end laptop with acceptable features can carry out your projects without any limitation.

Q: Are these laptops only for programmers?

No, you can use them for the daily activities of your office, home or study without any problem.

Q: Does the working hours of a laptop matter?

Actually it does, since a programmer works on a regular basis for many hours.

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