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Best Laptops for Video Editing

Every brand relies heavily on code snippets, vlogs, short films and other relevant creative tools to stay ahead of the marketing game. In addition, social influencers, youtubers, editing enthusiasts, art connoisseurs, and film students and creators also need the computing resources necessary to ...

Best Lightweight Laptops

Do you want to buy a lightweight laptop? Are you looking for one that's cheap? Maybe one that's powerful? More and more people are asking us for laptops that are small and light and easy to carry, so we've set to work. We have analyzed a large number of light laptops in order to guide and ...

Best 4k Laptops

When we talk about laptops or any other device with an operating system, we usually mention first its processor and RAM memory, maybe in a different order, then it's hard disk and then everything else.  In many occasions we leave specifications like the screen for the end, but is this a ...

Best Linux Laptops

Contrary to what is usually thought, it is possible to buy a Linux laptop, that is, one that comes with this operating system pre-installed. This is a good option if you are a Linux fan and you just want your hardware to work: it is not only that the operating system is pre-installed - you can ...

Best Small Laptops

Small laptops: Are Chromebook The Best? Chromebooks are a special category of small laptops designed to be easy to use, safe, compact, very portable and affordable. We have analyzed different models and have concluded that they are the most outstanding in terms of quality and price. However, ...

Best Budget Laptops

Nowadays notebooks are the latest trend in laptops. Their extremely small size and cheap price make them a very attractive option for those who are looking for a cheap laptop that they can easily take anywhere. Notebooks have attracted a whole new group of people to the laptop market who ...

Best Laptops without Operating System

With the wide selection of products available in the market, we have a type of laptop that for many goes unnoticed. These are laptops without an operating system. As their name suggests, these laptops do not have an operating system. So they are an option that gives the user many possibilities of ...

Best SSD Laptops

Nowadays, when we start looking for a new laptop, the selection available is huge. There are many different laptops and many brands to choose from. In addition, we have to consider many aspects before choosing a particular model. What is clear is that if you want to be fast when booting the ...

Best Ultrabooks Laptops

If you've come to this post, you're probably after a modern laptop that you don't want to spend too much money on. Here you will find a series of ultrabooks and a series of fantastic notebooks that will be very useful for your search. All the models we have included in this article meet all the ...

Best Laptops for Architects

The main thing that an architect must have is patience, both for the choice of their working tools and to successfully carry out each of their projects. However, it's of no use if you don't have an excellent laptop computer at hand, which really helps you capture all those ideas so accurately ...

Best Business Laptops

Every office today has a process to run and the good thing is that thanks to technology there are a lot of tools that help us optimize these processes. And be able to have the results that are expected or improve the goals.  As a consequence of the fact that we are all currently connected ...

Best Laptop for Programming

A programmer needs a lot of resources on his laptop, from the programs that are the basis for the creation and modification of a code. Whether for a software development program or a website, without leaving aside the smooth operation and comfort of their laptops. There are simple programs such ...

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