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Looking for new RAM for your laptop? Let me tell you that you have come to the right place, as we all know, for our laptop to gain some extra speed, a crucial element to achieve it is the RAM memory of the laptop. But what happens?

When we are determined to acquire a new memory to get the speed we want in our tasks, and when we take a look at the different digital markets, we find a wide variety of brands and of course, models, each and every one of them with features that perhaps we do not know and failing that, we do not understand.

This detail makes us completely lost, but that will not be your case.

In this buying guide that I have prepared for you, I will let you know the features you should know, in order that you have the idea about what they are detailing, the basics and every aspect that makes up a RAM. So you can rest assured, because here is the solution to all your problems.

And at the end, you can make your purchase safely and with the guarantee that this investment you are about to make is an intelligent one and will eliminate the risk of suffering a terrible disappointment when you receive your order.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Best Laptop RAM Comparison

RankingNameBest FeatureCurrent Price
QUMOX Laptop RAMIts speed is 1333 DDR3-10600 / PC-10600, an incredible speed to run all kinds of demanding and high-end applications.
Price On Amazon
CRUCIAL Laptop RAMit reduces power consumption by up to 40% and therefore increases the life of your battery
Price On Amazon
Kingston Laptop RAM MemoryIt has a CL11 latency, which will give you a data loading in just 11 nanoseconds
Price On Amazon
HyperX Impact RAMAutomatically overclocking to the highest frequency without exceeding the BIOS limit
Price On Amazon
Komputerbay Laptop RAMIt is a 4 GB RAM memory divided into two blocks of 2 GB each, ideal for Dual Channel work, a DDR2 model that works at 667MHz.
Price On Amazon

How To Choose a RAM Correctly

To make a wise decision it is of great importance that you know these aspects:

Which model to choose: DDR2, DDR3 or DDR4 RAM? 

What is the difference between one model and another?

These questions are the ones that you should know in detail, because they will be of great help when choosing a model, if you know about the subject and want to refresh your knowledge, then you will agree with me on the concepts, but if you are new to this topic, then I advise you to take note and pay close attention.

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Before you upgrade your laptop by adding more memory, it is important that you know what DDR, DDR2, DDR3, DDR4 memory is. These are the types of SDRAM memory that do synchronized work, meaning that they use a clock signal to synchronize transfers.

What Does DDR Mean?

In a very general way, DDR stands for Double Date Rate or Double Transfer Rate, memories of this type perform data transfer per clock pulse.

This feature causes the memories to be labeled with double the maximum real clock at which they can work. A basic example; DDR2-800 memories work at 400 MHz, DDR2-1066 and DDR3 1066 work at 533 MHz, and DDR3-1333 memories work at 666.6 MHZ, and so on. 

It is therefore important not to be surprised if programs such as CPU-Z tell you a memory frequency level in half.

RAM is undoubtedly the component that has the greatest influence on the overall performance of the notebook, as it is responsible for storing data temporarily while the processor performs the tasks ordered by the user.

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It is known that most people think that having a RAM with a large amount of Gigabytes is enough to make the laptop work faster, but few know that the clock or better known as frequency and latency at which the memory works does not make a difference in the performance of the micro.

Therefore, to avoid some of the problems of the constant loss of performance in the most updated laptops, one of the most important and economical solutions is the purchase of a 

RAM memory for your laptop.

Types of RAM Memory

Now I will introduce you to the types of memory that exist in the great world of computing, from the earlier models to the current ones.

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One of the first memories capable of working synchronized with the cycles of the motherboard, without waiting times. This type of memory surpassed the old EDO (Extended Data Out) and FPM (Fast Page Mode) for its ability to divide the memory modules into different banks, with the ability to accommodate up to 8 banks in a DIMM (Dual Inline Memory Module).

These memories were capable of making only one transfer per cycle, today this is minimal, and as if that were not enough, today they are still installed in some laptops, but they are no longer very commercial.

DDR-SDRAM (Double Data Rate)

With the arrival of DDR memories, SDRs were left behind, due to their ability to perform two transfers per cycle, this does not mean that it doubles the effective speed (due to the initial access time), but it almost does.

This feature was made possible by the inclusion of additional circuitry, which was able to read and write data up to twice per cycle. Although they remained unchanged in design, they were perfectly adapted to the motherboard, which contributed to the low price and popularization of this model.

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In analysis programs such as CPU-Z, the effective speed appears half the real value due to the double transfer, if a model is DDR-400 MHz, it will be shown as 200MHz.

And although it may seem hard to believe, they were able to run current operating systems, with the advent of DDR2 memory, it is still possible to find them in specialized stores, but at a very high price.

DDR2 (Double Data Rate 2)

With DDR2 RAMs, the data transfer rate per clock cycle doubled again. They are able to perform four transfers per cycle, but with the same initial access time, this offers great results in applications that need a large amount of sequential reading, but for those that required some random access, they took little advantage of that speed.

With the new applications that we have these days, a different memory capacity is needed, which makes it difficult to observe large differences in everyday tasks. Some users were disappointed with these memories, as some models were slow to respond unlike others.

These models are still available and are capable of running current operating systems without bottlenecks and quite smoothly.

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These models support the Dual Channel function, which allows two identical modules to work together so that the laptop gets 25% additional performance.

DDR3 (Double Data Rate 3)

With the advent of DDR3 RAM, something similar to a processor, the increase in clock speed increased power consumption and heat generation, so the amount of transfers per cycle was doubled again.

This change of transfer circuits made possible the creation of memories operating at 2133 MHz (266 MHZ multiplied by 8), an impressive speed even for current models.

This new technology brought a signal calibration system, that is without compromising performance and latency reduction. 

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Because it is very popular, due to a higher transfer rate and shorter access time, it becomes a very commercial model, which today does not supply the market because of its popularity, and as a result, brought a large price reduction.

DDR4 (Double Data Rate 4)

This most recent RAM model in the market has interesting resources, such as a lower voltage, this in turn generates a lower power consumption, the initial speeds of 2133 MHZ became history, as this model reaches up to 4266 MHz, in addition to a shorter access time.

This model is undoubtedly the most powerful of the entire market, besides being the current one, its cost is the highest due to the large number of benefits it brings, however, it is intended an arrival of DDR5 and DDR6 RAM, which promise to be even better and leave behind the DDR4.

What You Should Know Before Buying RAM

As you have seen, RAM is a fundamental component in every laptop. No matter what tasks you have planned for your laptop, system performance will always depend on RAM.

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But here’s the important, good news; you don’t need the same amount of RAM to work on Word editing, unlike if you intend to surf the Internet or play games.

Depending on what you intend to use your laptop for, it will define whether you need less or more RAM. Therefore I have prepared a simple but very effective classification, summarizing the applications of each level.

  • Basic Word work, Internet browsing and simple content: 2 GB of RAM will suffice.
  • Working on complex documents, multi-tabbed browsing, multimedia content and moderate multitasking: A minimum of 4 GB of RAM is sufficient.
  • Working on any type of document, browsing dozens of tabs, multimedia content and high tasks: You should look for a model with 8 GB of RAM.
  • Working with intensive applications (photo and video editing), demanding games, multitasking and various multimedia content: Models with 16 GB of RAM are recommended.

RAM Speed

Now that you know the application for each capacity, it is important to remember that you should prioritize speed, that is, you should look at buying a faster memory if you have the budget for the amount you require as a minimum.

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This is fundamental, for example; if you want to run a game that requires 8 GB of RAM and your laptop only has 4 GB, you will have a negative and inferior experience, it is not the game’s fault, but the fault of your laptop which would be demanding more than it got.

Dual Channel and Quad Channel

One aspect that should not be overlooked is the configuration of the modules that you are going to install and their latency.

Dual channel refers to installing two RAM modules on a compatible motherboard, for example, two 8 GB sticks. When installing a single stick we have a 64-bit memory bus, but when installing two modules the laptop can access to work in 128-bit blocks, this is thanks to a second memory controller. Incredible!

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In the most advanced platforms such as Intel Core Extreme and AMD Threadripper it is possible to enjoy quad-channel configurations, which is the same approach inside. Working with 4 RAM modules can produce 256-bit block work and higher bandwidth.

For an uninformed user, this performance goes unnoticed, so these types of configurations are at their best in more professional environments.


Latency is the delay experienced by the memory when performing different operations, so it ends up having a significant impact on memory performance.

For a better understanding, I show you two basic examples in modules at different frequencies:

  • DDR3 at 2,000 MHz CL9: 9 nanoseconds.
  • DDR3 at 1,800 MHz CL8: 8.96 nanoseconds.


For a balanced purchase you should look for RAM modules with balanced latency and frequency, for example: CL10 or CL11 in DDR3 and CL14 or CL15 in DDR4.

If your laptop has integrated graphics that uses system RAM as graphics memory, the working frequency of the same and the double channel usage will have a great impact on the final performance.

It is critical to prioritize the amount of speed and latencies. If you need 8 GB of RAM and you have to choose between two 4 GB modules at 2400 Mhz or one 4 GB module at 4 Ghz, you can choose the first option without hesitation.

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If you are not going to use integrated graphics, it is not necessary to use a dual channel.

A user working with basic applications does not need a 3 Ghz RAM.

Best RAM for Laptops Review

Now that you know everything you need from a RAM memory it is time to make your decision, if you still do not have in your sights any model, I took the liberty to prepare for you 5 best RAM memory models. Which have been chosen by experts and with great references from various users.

1) QUMOX Laptop RAM

The RAM memory from the manufacturer QUMOX, which is designed with high quality materials, provides excellent performance to your laptop in its dual-channel presentation to divide its speed in two blocks.

It is a 16 GB speed memory, enough to run demanding applications, video games, high performance tasks and much more, all this divided into two 8 GB memories, ideal to install as Dual Channel, which belong to the DDR3 generation, a very complete model that will be of great help in all kinds of demanding tasks.

Its speed is 1333 DDR3-10600 / PC-10600, an incredible speed to run all kinds of demanding and high-end applications.

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Its form factor is designed with 204 SODIMM pins, compatible with a large number of notebooks that can expand up to 16GB or higher.

It has a CAS CL9 latency, equivalent to 9 nanoseconds between each operation, a fairly fast data loading speed, ideal for performing various tasks, opening a large number of windows in Internet browsers, all without problems of work overload.

It does not have the Error Checking system and best of all, it is made with a large gold plated coating, which provides better performance and makes its 16 GB together, offer you an incredible speed in each task and even an excellent performance in your favorite games.

The speed you need is in QUMOX RAM, with no buffer memory for better signal processing and you can get this incredible speed and performance at a very affordable price.


The RAM memory from the CRUCIAL brand, is manufactured with high quality materials, is a DDR4 module with a range of 8 GB speed, ideal for all those laptops that operate at a speed of 2400 MT / s, in addition to having a CL17 latency, this means that it is even faster than normal, because it only takes 11.9 nanoseconds to perform each operation.

It is a SODIMM RAM without a buffer, this means that it does not have a register between its DRAM, in turn this benefits you, because it makes its cost lower but it is more efficient and will give you better results.

As an additional benefit, thanks to this amazing RAM your laptop will get 30% more performance, or in other words, the bandwidth is increased.

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But that’s not all, because thanks to its design and features, it reduces power consumption by up to 40% and therefore increases the life of your battery and prolongs its life between each charge cycle.

This RAM memory has a total of 260 pins, which in turn makes it compatible with laptops that use DIMM memory with a small DDR4 2400MT/s environment.

With this RAM your laptop will have a faster access speed for better sequential data performance, plus it is optimized for new and next generation laptops.

If you do not have enough cash to replace the RAM, do not worry, this activity you can do it even without laptop knowledge, just read the user manual and if you have doubts, you can consult some video tutorials. You can get all this at an affordable price, don’t wait any longer.

3) Kingston Laptop RAM Memory

The Kingstone laptop RAM can be the best component for your laptop, as it is equipped with 8 GB of internal memory, which is of the DDR3 type, which works at the clock speed of 1600 MHz. These features will help you maximize the performance and productivity of your system, in addition, all its components are manufactured with high quality materials that give you the guarantee that your laptop will be faster.

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It also has a CL11 latency, which will give you a data loading in just 11 nanoseconds, a very good speed that will allow you to work on various platforms while surfing the Internet or viewing images.

Its form factor is 204 pins, compatible with various laptops that use RAM of this type, thanks to this, your laptop will have a data width of 64 bits. And that’s not all, because due to all these great features, your laptop will gain a lower battery consumption, thus prolonging its performance and life.

If your idea is to use this RAM as Dual Channel is also a great option, before adding it, you should verify that the RAM in your laptop has similar characteristics so that together with Kingstone, they work perfectly.

On the other hand, for normal use you will not have to worry about whether it will work or not, all Kingston RAM is tested before shipping, in order to ensure its performance before and after delivery. You can purchase this RAM at a very affordable price.

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4) HyperX Impact RAM

With Hyperx Impact RAM memory you will maximize the power of your laptop, a DDR4 SODIMM type memory that minimizes system lag, automatically overclocking to the highest frequency without exceeding the BIOS limit, in order to provide greater compatibility with Intel and AMD processors.

Its slot on the printed circuit board in black color, gives it an elegant touch to enjoy a simple improvement, with Hyperx you will optimize your laptop with a higher performance, achieving a well-cooled, quiet and more efficient laptop thanks to a low voltage of 1.2V.

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Its 4 GB of internal memory will allow you to work satisfactorily in office platforms, while surfing the Internet, play your multimedia content and enjoy various low-end games.

It has a CL14 latency is equivalent to a total of only 14 nanoseconds in data loading, a pretty good speed for your daily tasks, its design is very compact and ultra thin that allows easy installation in laptops that are very thin, this is in order to be compatible in almost any laptop on the market. 

Its 260 pin SODIMM form factor makes it easy to install even without laptop knowledge, the speed and performance you need can be obtained at a price you can’t resist.

5) Komputerbay Laptop RAM

The incredible RAM from the Komputerbay brand may seem like a very old-fashioned and unreliable model, but you should know that this memory is a Grade A, if you compare it to other cheaper models, which can throw error codes and even damage your motherboard. 

Komputerbay assures you that this memory will work properly in your laptop, because at the time of shipping is subjected to functionality tests, you will not have to worry.

It is a 4 GB RAM memory divided into two blocks of 2 GB each, ideal for Dual Channel work, a DDR2 model that works at 667MHz.

This SODIMM RAM with form factor is 200 pins each block, is compatible with various models of laptops on the market, thus ensuring a great performance and gives your laptop an excellent performance in your daily tasks.

With this Komputerbay Dual Channel RAM you will not have to worry, because both blocks operate at 1.8 volts, which guarantees a notorious energy saving, thus giving a great lifespan to your laptop.

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Everything you need is at your fingertips, you can purchase this RAM at a very affordable price, with the guarantee that your laptop will be faster in every task or while surfing the Internet or running a game that requires at least 4 GB. to ensure a positive experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I Combine Two Different Brands of RAM for Dual Channel?

The most advisable thing is; if you are going to work in Dual Channel, the ideal is to acquire two RAM of the same manufacturer and with the same characteristics, this is to avoid compatibility problems and that, far from helping you in your tasks, your laptop ends up being a disaster and even suffers severe damage. If you are not sure what you can buy, I advise you to buy a model divided into two blocks, with that type of RAM, you will not have any problem.

Q: What Are the Benefits of a Gold-Plated RAM?

A gold-plated RAM gives you incredible speed in all kinds of tasks, demanding applications and heavy gaming. Gold-plated RAM is a complement to make your laptop faster regardless of how you use it. For this reason they are somewhat expensive memories but worth acquiring and assembling in your laptop.

Q: If the RAM Is Divided in Two Blocks, Does It Consume More Energy?

The answer is NO, Dual Channel RAM is designed to work together at the same voltage, there is no higher power consumption.

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