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In this buying guide, my goal is to help you choose the best model of laptop mouse, because it is a very important accessory that despite having a laptop that already has a touch controller, it is not enough, because sometimes we need to work faster and this is something that our laptop does not allow us. 

The controls that come integrated in our laptop, sometimes are often overlooked by users. Most people spend more money than we should on buying cheap mice, and the only feature we pay attention to is just one: that it works!

But it is not enough just to buy for the sake of buying, if what you are looking for is to work faster and more comfortably, it is of utmost importance that you consider investing in a good mouse and even keyboard, since they are accessories that make our work easier, besides reducing future physical injuries.

Laptop Mouse Comparison

RankingNameBest FeatureCurrent Price
Inphic Wireless Mouse for LaptopOnce recharged is capable of lasting up to 2000 hours running
Price On Amazon
VicTsing Wireless Mouse for LaptopIts power saving mode allows this great mouse to turn off automatically after 8 minutes of inactivity, in turn, this allows its battery to last up to 15 months.
Price On Amazon
Logitech M185 Wireless MouseIts powerful receiver allows you to work from a distance of up to 10 meters
Price On Amazon
VicTsing MM057 Wireless MouseIts design allows you to give life to your battery up to 24 months without replacement
Price On Amazon
Logitech B100 Optical USB MouseIts technology offers excellent cursor control and sensitivity on most surfaces, with 1000 DPI tracking.
Price On Amazon

I understand that nowadays making a choice between so many models on the market is complicated and you may be wondering, how do you make an intelligent choice?

The market is full of models of all kinds: economic, for gamers, and so on. This guide is for you, in order to help you make a decision and invest your money wisely, without fear of disappointment at the time of receiving your product.

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Most Common Types of Mice

In the beautiful world of computing you can find several models for your laptop, but this does not mean that the first one you come across will be the one you should buy. To have an idea of which model to choose, it is important that you first ask yourself this question, What will I use it for?

In this case there are three types of mice for different user tastes, so take note and identify which type is yours:

Laptop Gaming Mouse

If you are a user who likes to fill your laptop with games, I am more than sure that never in your life had it occurred to you that there are mice for this activity. These models are usually very ergonomic and have additional buttons to make some repetitive movements easier.

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Laptop Ergonomic Mouse

These models are perfect if you are a user who spends all day working on the laptop, because they are designed with a special shape to make your hand more comfortable. There are even models that adapt to the way you hold the mouse, whether you are left or right handed. These models are the ones that offer more comfort. To acquire a mouse of this type, I recommend that you try it in person, this in order that you are convinced that your hand rests while you hold it.

For Travel

As the name suggests, these mice are perfect if you are a user who loves to travel and carry your laptop, what makes these mice stand out is the size. They are very small and this in turn makes it easy to store them in any available space in your suitcase. 

At the same time they are very attractive, but I advise you to use them very little, as some users claim that they are the last option to acquire, because they do not ensure a rest for your hand or arms.

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Things To Consider

Before the time comes to make your purchase it is important that you review some features that can give you the idea of the model you can buy, you should not overlook any aspect, since it depends on it that your purchase is effective or well.

If you still have no idea what you should evaluate, here is everything you need to know to make a safe purchase.

Dots per Inch

It is very common to find this feature with the acronym DPI which stands for Dots Per Inch. This feature indicates the accuracy of a mouse, you should consider this when you intend to purchase a mouse to play your favorite video games or to work on several monitors that are very high resolution. 

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In this case, if you find yourself with a DPI of 4000 or higher, it is a more than sufficient value. If you don’t need a very powerful mouse, or you don’t need it for gaming, you shouldn’t take this point as very relevant.

Optical or Laser

In our beautiful remote and modern times and thanks to our beloved technology, most mice are already laser. The major difference between the two is that laser mice use a laser (redundancy aside) to track movement.

Optical mice, on the other hand, use an LED light that reflects off the surface where they are placed to know which way to move. If we talk about precision, laser mice take the point in favor, this certainly sounds very attractive, and the best thing is that they can move so fast that the pointer can travel even further than where the mouse takes it. Maybe this sounds like a problem down the road.

It’s all a matter of testing both types.

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Corded or Cordless

Undoubtedly, the old models were wired, in their time they were very good, because it was a novelty and a breakthrough for technology, at this time those models have been left in the past and today’s models are more advanced in many aspects, in this case, leaving behind the cables.

Many will say that a wired mouse is the best option and is more reliable, but if we start talking about disadvantages, then I can assure you that the wired models often suffered failures of the cable itself and not the body of the mouse, the truth is that this was very annoying, because there was no repair and you were forced to buy a new one.

Today this was left in the old time, because now the new and beautiful models of mice, have Wireless technology, which thanks to its progress and constant improvement have reached the point of not giving more problems. Also, if your laptop already has integrated Bluetooth, you can use a mouse of this type to avoid wasting a valuable USB port.

Say goodbye to annoying cables and say hello to Bluetooth mice.

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Bluetooth or RF Mice

If you have thought about buying a wireless mouse, you will find a wide range of models in the various online stores, either RF or Bluetooth.

RF models are usually cheaper and easier to install. It is just a matter of plugging a small device into a USB port and your operating system will take care of the rest. The only catch is that you will have a USB port in use the whole time you are using the mouse, and this leads to higher battery consumption.

On the other hand, Bluetooth mice allow you to use it on several laptops at the same time, its battery can certainly last for months but as a detail, it takes more time to configure them. In addition to this, you will have to wait a little longer to be able to use it, this is because the operating system takes a while to recognize it every time you turn on the laptop.

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Best Mouse for You

This will depend on your taste and preference, if you are a user who uses your laptop for graphic design, you may need an ergonomic laser mouse for excellent precision. If your idea is a gaming mouse, then you need a specialized optical mouse for this activity. Ordinary users may just prefer to use their laptop’s trackpad.

If you are still in doubt about which model to choose, I suggest you go to a laptop store to try out the various models and get an idea of which one will give you the best performance over time.

Best Laptop Mice Review

Now, let me introduce you to the 5 best laptop mice, all of them have been previously studied and thought to meet your needs as a user. Choose the one that suits your needs and start enjoying a new way of working.

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1) Inphic Wireless Mouse for Laptop

The great mouse for laptop of the Inphic brand is equipped with a lithium battery already incorporated, which once recharged is capable of lasting up to 2000 hours running, easy to recharge, just connect it to the micro USB cable and only need to recharge 2 hours to get a performance x1000, forget about using the annoying and expensive AAA batteries. This mouse has the function of entering sleep mode after 3 minutes of inactivity.

It has a data transmission of 2.4 Ghz, a more accurate experience compared to a conventional mouse, getting a working distance of up to 10 meters, this amazing wireless mouse does not require software to install, also you can use it as a gaming mouse, has 3 adjustable DPI switches to 1000, 1200, 1600, ideal for all types of games.

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Its ultra-thin and economical design has no comparison with other similar models on the market, as it is lighter and thinner. You can store it more easily in your backpack or briefcase of your laptop, this ergonomic model with aerodynamic style offers your hand a great support and excellent comfort when working.

This design has an advanced sensor that makes this mouse very quiet with every click, you can use it in public places like libraries, and various places where you do not want to disturb others, plus everything is compatible with any operating system, laptops, desktops, tablet, and so on.

Leave behind those uncomfortable wired mice and discover a new way of working.

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2) VicTsing Wireless Mouse for Laptop

The wireless mouse VicTsing brand is manufactured to offer a high quality transmission range of 10 meters, is equipped with a nano receiver that does not need any driver to install, just plug the receiver into a USB port and go.

It has a button that helps you adjust the DPI, available for 5 changes that you can adapt to your will and depending on the environment you are in. You can adjust from 800, 1200, 1600, 2000, 2400, 2400, the sensitivity of the cursor.

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Its incredible ergonomic design in contoured shape adapts to the shape of your hand, giving great comfort when working. Its rubberized scroll wheel provides the necessary safety so that your hand does not slip when using the mouse and as if that were not enough, the front buttons allow you to scroll up and down the page when surfing the Internet.

Its power saving mode allows this great mouse to turn off automatically after 8 minutes of inactivity, in turn, this allows its battery to last up to 15 months.

It is compatible with any operating system available, whether Windows, Linux, Mac OS is also compatible, but the side buttons will not be functional.

A very complete mouse that will give you the comfort and durability you need, your best ally for any situation.

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3) Logitech M185 Wireless Mouse

This amazing wireless mouse backed by the Logitech brand is designed in a contoured shape, ideal for ambidextrous users and those looking for a compact mouse, it fits perfectly to the curve of the hand to give you more comfort and productivity in your day to day.

This compact mouse can be easily transported in your backpack or laptop case, ideal for use anywhere, with a sensor resolution of 1000 DPI, ideal for your daily work with great cursor mobility.

It is available for all available operating systems, all versions of Windows, Linux, Mac OS, in addition, its powerful receiver allows you to work from a distance of up to 10 meters free of cables with its reliable USB connection of 2.4 Ghz, you will not need software to install, just connect to your laptop and ready.

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It has a small on/off system and as an additional feature, it has a sleep mode, which allows the mouse to turn off when it detects inactivity, you can work up to 12 months without changing battery, it all depends on the devices you use and the time.

A very comfortable and practical design that is ready to help you in all your tasks, you deserve it!

4) VicTsing MM057 Wireless Mouse

The VicTsing laptop mouse has a very aerodynamic design, which offers maximum support to your hand, it is very quiet, because it’s clicks do not make any noise, besides this, several people can use it without fear that it is marked by many hands, it is very resistant to sweat and thanks to this, you can avoid having a bad time. 

At the same time, its transmission is 2.4 Ghz which allows you to work from a distance of 15 meters, its DPI of 1600 allows it to be very sensitive and easy to move on any surface.

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Its design allows you to give life to your battery up to 24 months without replacement, this period depends on how often you use it and for what kind of activities, as if that were not enough, it has a system that allows you to enter power mode for the first 3 to 10 seconds, after 30 minutes the mouse will automatically turn off.

It is compatible with all operating systems, from Windows, Linux and even Mac OS, perfect for working in your office or for family entertainment.

This laptop mice is super thin and light to carry, the nano receiver can be easily stored under the mouse, just remove it and connect it to the USB port of your laptop and in seconds you will begin to enjoy a new way of working, also does not require installation software.

A compact and ergonomic model that gives you the comfort you need for your day to day.

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5) Logitech B100 Optical USB Mouse

The Logitech optical mouse is designed for those users who are not looking for superior models, for those who prefer to work with conventional models at standard size. This model is no exception, its design follows the curve of the hand and fits perfectly to give you more comfort while working and make you more productive.

This model is not wireless, as it has a very resistant and high quality cable that connects directly to the USB port, and you can instantly work without any problem.

Its technology offers excellent cursor control and sensitivity on most surfaces, with 1000 DPI tracking.

But that’s not all, because this model is compatible with all available laptops and operating systems, from Windows, Linux and Mac OS. 

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This laptop mouse is your best ally to work in your office and even at home, a basic model of great quality that promises to be durable and have a great life compared to its competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Are These Wireless Mice Reliable?

Of course they are, they are designed to give you a lot of comfort while you work, forget about the annoying cables that often break and start working from any distance.

Q: Where Can I Store the Nano Mouse Receiver?

It is common that at some point you lose the receiver, but this is a thing of the past, because the mouse offers a small compartment at the bottom where you can store it after use, losing the receiver is a thing of the past.

Q: Will I Regret My Purchase?

This is impossible, the models presented here are the most outstanding in the market, you can see that they have good reviews from satisfied users. We doubt that you will regret it, what we are sure is that you will regret not having purchased them at the time.

Q: Why Does the Battery Last So Long?

This is because the receiver acquires its power directly from your laptop and the mouse requires a very small voltage, it has no parts that consume the battery in excess and to top it off, the mice go into power saving mode after a few minutes of inactivity, this also gives more life to the battery.

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