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In this article, we intend to help you choose an accessory for your laptop, which will undoubtedly give your laptop more security and protection, I mean laptop backpacks. 

We all want to give special care to our laptops, because we know that they are not cheap and with the slightest blow or fall they suffer damage that we may regret.

As the first purchase of any laptop owner, the main decision is to buy a good backpack to carry your laptop. Whether it’s a very elegant fashion bag or buying a backpack that goes beyond general purposes, beyond just carrying everyday objects, that is useful to keep your laptop safe, so you should be careful when choosing one of the many backpacks that currently exist on the market.

Regardless of what our profession is, it is very common that we have to work with a lot of comfort. To achieve this we must transport our work kit to wherever we go, just as we try not to forget anything, we must also transport everything safely and comfortably.
Remember that keeping your laptop in good condition is the main thing, no matter if it is a cheap laptop or the most expensive ones like gaming laptops.

RankingNameBest FeatureCurrent Price
KROSER Travel Laptop Backpackmeasuring 31 x 21 x 47 cm, with a capacity of 45 liters
Price On Amazon
Platero P-U01B Laptop BackpackManufactured with a high density nylon, back with a thick and durable waterproof material.
Price On Amazon
Xnuoyo Travel Laptop Backpack2 compartments for laptops 1st is for a 17-inch laptop and the 2nd for a Macbook from 13 to 15.6 inches
Price On Amazon
Hotchy Laptop Backpackit is equipped with an external Micro USB 2.0 port, as well as a built-in charging cable
Price On Amazon
Puersit Vintage Laptop Backpack Ideal for carrying a 15.6-inch laptop, equipped with various compartments and pockets
Price On Amazon

Best Laptop Backpacks Review

We will show you a description of the best laptop backpacks currently available on the market, which will guide you when making your choice:

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1) KROSER Travel Laptop Backpack

If you are one of those people who want to keep your laptop safe at all times, plus great comfort and enjoy some extra accessories, then this laptop backpack is what you are looking for. 

A large backpack, measuring 31 x 21 x 47 cm, with a capacity of 45 liters, is equipped with a 17.3 inch iPad compartment. This backpack has 17 multi-functional pockets to accommodate all your travel items.

A USB charging port on the outside, as well as an internal mobile power cable and a headphone jack on top, give you more convenience for your phone when charging and listening to music.

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In addition, this large backpack is free to open up to 180 degrees so you can be sure that your portable devices will always be clean and safe, plus if you are one of the people who travels a lot, you can quickly pass customs inspections.

To top it all off, this laptop backpack has a padded and breathable mesh back for easy ventilation of your laptop. The comfortable and wide straps, which are also made of breathable mesh and sponge, help relieve stress on your shoulders, and are made of top quality polyester fabric and include a high density nylon lining. 

Great anti-splash performance, its smooth double-sided zipper is reinforced for durability.

Ideal for transporting all the objects or materials you use in your day to day life, and as something additional, it also has an elastic mesh on the side, which allows you to store umbrellas of all sizes.

A backpack we consider as one of the best for the care of your laptop at a reasonable price.

2) Platero P-U01B Laptop Backpack

The SILVER laptop backpack P-U01B is the ideal one for you, if you want to keep your laptop in perfect condition during your trips, or in your daily activities.

It is equipped with a padded compartment that fits your laptop up to 15 inches, with a dimension of 49 x 19 x 29 cm, its back padding is designed not to feel the weight of the laptop while traveling, with contoured straps that provide maximum comfort when walking.

Manufactured with a high density nylon, back with a thick and durable waterproof material, catalogued as heavy duty and equipped with a double zipper for the main compartment, for a long duration.

The main compartment is equipped with an ideal pocket for your wallet or passport, a small pocket to fit a tablet, the main compartment has an organization panel for pens, cards, etc.

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The main pocket has a detachable key ring for your security, includes side zippers with elastic strap to carry your water bottle or umbrella for rainy days and if that is not enough, it has a headphone port so you can listen to your favorite music during your trip or while you walk.

Ideal for your trips and everyday use at an affordable price.

3) Xnuoyo Travel Laptop Backpack

The Xnuoyo laptop backpack is designed to carry a 17.3 inch laptop, with a dimension of 50 x 33 x 19 cm. With a capacity of 55 liters, ideal for long trips where it is not necessary to carry much luggage, the idea is to enjoy a comfortable trip.

It is made of high quality Oxford textile material characterized by its high durability, very resistant to water, wear and tear, equipped with metal zippers that guarantee a safe use every day.

At the same time it is equipped with 2 compartments for laptops, the first is for a 17-inch laptop and the second for a Macbook from 13 to 15.6 inches, in addition to having a large packaging compartment to store your electronic accessories (charger) and likewise your everyday items.

It is also equipped with a charging port and USB headset that can be connected to smartphones and headphones through two integrated cables, which allow you to listen to your favorite music while walking and at the same time, charge your phone hands free, this is thanks to its power bank inside the backpack.

This laptop backpack is unisex and can also be used as a work backpack, travel bag, school backpack and much more. Its straps are designed in type S to reduce rigidity and protect your shoulders, made with cotton cushioning for excellent breathability. 

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Its ergonomic shape offers support and comfort for your back. You can carry your backpack without feeling tired for a long time.

4) Hotchy Laptop Backpack

A large laptop backpack with a dimension of 28 x 17 x 45 cm, and a capacity of 35 liters, ideal for carrying a 15.6-inch laptop, equipped with a large compartment that can contain any electronic accessory.

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Several additional pockets so that you can store and transport all your everyday items everywhere.

The padded straps manufactured in S form, allow you to have a greater comfort, with an ultra lightweight and super breathable design, besides being lined with nylon on both sides to prevent the bag from deforming and give you a lighter support. Its padding allows for a safe and comfortable ride for your laptop.

Made with high quality Oxford fabric, nylon lining of great durability, providing high performance and lightness. Its waterproof fabric allows you to carry your laptop even on rainy days, resistant to tears and scratches.

Besides your laptop, you can also carry in this backpack your cell phone, tablets, wallet and some other mobile devices. Its side bags can be used to carry your umbrella, mugs or any other practical item. Its versatility allows you to carry it everywhere, no matter what the occasion.

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And as if that weren’t enough, it is equipped with an external Micro USB 2.0 port, as well as a built-in charging cable, ideal for recharging the battery of your mobile while you walk.

5) Puersit Vintage Laptop Backpack

A compact model laptop backpack with a dimension of 11.5 x 16 x 6.5 cm ideal for carrying a 15.6-inch laptop, equipped with various compartments and pockets so you can keep all your personal items (wallet, cards), in addition to your laptop or an iPad.

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Made with nylon fabric and polyester lining for easy cleaning and ensuring great resistance. Its design is very comfortable and has several compartments, the main one is large enough to transport your laptop. Its unique design allows it to look elegant and pleasant at all times.

This great laptop backpack has a breathable design and its straps adjust to your taste, they are wide enough to distribute the weight of all your items more comfortably. Equipped with an external USB port and a built-in charging cable, the backpack offers a more convenient way to charge your phone while you’re on the go.

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Because of its comfortable and casual design, it is quite practical for you to carry everywhere, if you are a student you can also take it to your school, or to work, your outdoor activities, vacations, trips, etc.

Ideal for you, if you are looking for a comfortable and safe backpack for your laptop.

Before buying your backpack, there are a few things you should know.

What Should You Know About Laptop Backpacks?

Generally, when you buy a laptop, the backpack is not included, and there are times when the store does provide it, but you should know that when this happens, the backpack always has the brand logo and they are not exactly the best backpacks you would expect with few exceptions.

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The backpacks have several compartments to have everything well organized, depending on the model and the brand of the backpack may include more or less compartments and have different padding materials, as well as exterior finishes.

If you want to buy one and do not know which is the best for you, here are some tips for your purchase.

What Are Laptop Backpacks?

The concept between a laptop backpack and an ordinary one is exactly the same, a bag that is carried on your back by straps that are attached to your shoulders, but here comes something interesting. 

When we add “for laptops” it is a new kind of backpack adapted to our times. That is, with backpacks that have protected compartments to store mobile devices, cameras or chargers and, of course, the laptop.

What Are the Advantages of Laptop Backpacks?

The main advantage of these backpacks is undoubtedly the care and protection of our laptop. You may think that carrying it is a simple task that can be done with any bag, but you should know that by doing so, you expose your laptop to blows or damage that can deteriorate it.

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Therefore, it is very important that you buy a backpack that adapts to the size of your laptop so that it does not have any sudden movements and is perfectly fixed inside. 

Keep in mind that if your laptop is 15 inches, you should not buy a bigger backpack. At most, two inches more. Remember this advice to make the laptop travel safely. 

The backpacks that are created especially for laptops include a very effective padding to protect your laptop, but the size must be appropriate for your device.

Other advantages that these laptop backpacks are as follow:

Shockproof Materials

This is undoubtedly one of the great advantages of backpacks. The padding is made of good materials that ensure that the device stays safe at all times, no matter how much you travel.


Because it is a backpack that is attached to the shoulders and back, it facilitates your transport without using your hands, and this in turn gives you the benefit of being able to carry suitcases or other luggage.

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Multiple Compartments

The notebook backpacks include several compartments, pockets, bottle slots and even some USB and Jack ports for quick charging or listening to your favorite music.

Rest and Comfort

Due to their comfortable design, when carrying them attached to the back with padded straps, you will notice that there is less weight. It also helps to balance the weight of your body, reducing back pain and similar.

Capacity of Portable Backpacks

The backpacks always express their capacity in Liters (L) and not in Kilograms (Kg). This is because the volume of the load is evaluated, what fits inside the backpack, not what the objects weigh. Generally, you should buy laptop backpacks according to the inches of your laptop.

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Backpacks that are 20 to 40 liters are considered small, those from 45 to 60 liters are medium and between 60 and 90 liters are considered large.

These data are merely indicative, depending on the manufacturer may vary its capacity.

Purchase Criteria for Laptop Backpacks

As you know, the origin of the backpack and its use is so everyday that we can think that they are objects of the past, but it has also evolved over time, a tank that today’s technology also goes hand in hand, as is the case with laptop backpacks. 

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In order to choose the right one for your needs, it is important that you have already defined some criteria so as not to make a mistake in your purchase.

If you don’t know where to start, here are few things to consider.

Use You Are Going To Give

You will definitely use the laptop backpack because you have a laptop to take care of and take from one place to another. But maybe you also need it to go to work, or maybe to go to school and take books, your notes. Maybe you’re a person who travels a lot. What is your case, ask yourself from the beginning what you are going to use.

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Capacity and Size

As mentioned above, the capacity of a backpack is measured in liters, but the important thing is the size of your laptop, which is measured in inches. The device must be custom-made to avoid shocks, choose a backpack that fits your laptop.


The resistance is a factor that you should analyze carefully, verify if the materials with which the backpack was manufactured are of quality, if not, the backpack will wear out quickly with daily use. It is also important that it resists climatic changes and that it is waterproof. Choose a quality backpack.


It’s true that sometimes the design takes a back seat, but I’m sure you’ll want to have a colorful backpack, or one with an incredible design. There are an infinite number of designs, some oriented to students, others for work use and in the same way, designs for women.

If you want your backpack to match your outfit, there are also several models to choose from. Keep in mind this criterion and choose one that matches your personality. You will not regret it.


If you are one of those people who have to carry more things than your laptop and you feel that it is too heavy, do not worry anymore, a laptop backpack is your solution, some compartments are developed to minimize the weight of the objects, this is thanks to the wide and padded straps, plus some additional fasteners for your waist. 

Don’t forget this factor, take care of your laptop and your well-being.


Some notebook backpacks include helpful accessories, such as USB ports for recharging your phone. When you make your purchase, check out what accessories are included. Whether they are technological or additional bottle holders, they will be very useful if you travel a lot with your backpack.

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Before You Buy

Now that you know the details about the laptop backpacks it is time to make your decision to buy, take into account each of the points already mentioned and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Keep in mind that all backpacks have good aspects, the fact that some may be inexpensive does not mean they are bad, they just do not contain some additional accessories.

If you still don’t have in mind the backpack you want to buy, here I will detail the 5 best laptop backpacks chosen by the experts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does the USB port on the dongle work?

This question causes much doubt in our customers, definitely the USB port to recharge your phone works with a rechargeable battery, which some of the backpacks already have included, this is what provides a comfortable and safe charge for your phone, likewise you can remove that battery and recharge it for when it is time for your trip.

If my backpack falls on the floor, will my laptop be damaged?

This point should always be taken into account before purchasing your backpack, check the material with which it is made, as some backpacks come with an extra layer of padding and another on the bottom for greater protection against falls. Other backpacks only contain a cover without extra coverage.

If it rains while I’m walking, will my laptop get wet?

This feature should be checked at the time of your purchase, most backpacks are made with waterproof material inside and outside, resistant to rain. However, it is better not to risk your laptop and try to keep your backpack as dry as possible.

Can I carry my backpack while I ride my bike?

Sure, although you should give it an extra adjustment in the chest and waist, for walking there is no problem, but on a bike it would be a little unstable and would have a lot of movement.

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