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Best 17 Inch Laptops

Can a laptop replace a desktop computer? Can a laptop be your only computer? The answer to this question, asked some years ago, is: Yes, totally. In fact, the question should be: can a laptop outperform a desktop? In this sense, the answer is still yes. You'd be surprised what you can get from ...

Best 15 inch Laptops

Although the demand for Ultrabooks has increased tremendously in recent years, most buyers still prefer standard-size laptops to be able to handle their daily tasks without problems, since their screens are much larger and more powerful.  However, it is clear that nobody would mind getting ...

Best 14 inch Laptops

A standard-size laptop is one with a 15-inch screen, more specifically 15.6″. There are some larger ones for those who need to see the content in a larger area, but there are also much smaller ones whose main reason for being is their mobility.  Among these smaller laptops, there are some ...

Best 13 inch Laptops

Thanks to the specifications that Intel has imposed on Ultrabooks, 13-inch laptops have become popular by leaps and bounds. In many ways, a 13-inch laptop is the perfect size, they are not as complex or harmful to the eyes as notebooks, but they are not as heavy or uncomfortable as a larger ...

Best 12 inch Laptops

Looking for a 12-inch laptop and not quite sure where to start? Then you're in the right place. Some of the main aspects to consider when buying a laptop from 12″ are 1- Your budget: cheap, mid-range, expensive 2- Your needs: touch screen, 2 in 1 convertible, good battery, fast and ...

Best 11 Inch Laptops

Looking for information about the best 11-inch laptop? Then you're at the right place. Choose the best model according to your budget (cheap, expensive), your needs (touch screen, powerful laptop, good battery, light ...) or your favorite brand: Lenovo, Teclast, BMax, Vant ... Which 11-inch ...

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