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Every office today has a process to run and the good thing is that thanks to technology there are a lot of tools that help us optimize these processes. And be able to have the results that are expected or improve the goals. 

As a consequence of the fact that we are all currently connected to the digital world, it opens many tools that are already used for many years. 

We already know that it is not necessary to print all the documents, but rather in the companies a local area network and a private chat is created to be able to intercommunicate all that is necessary.

For different activities in the company, it is already essential to have a laptop. 

But there is a very relevant point that is the space required by these computers, for this reason most companies are preferring the use of laptops. 

This makes it take up less space and is more comfortable to move the equipment.

The people who execute the different projects in the office automation area, need relatively simple equipment, or better explained mid-range equipment in which they can make use of several programs without congesting the laptop. 

This means that the equipment has the indispensable requirements to run the necessary program or programs as needed.

RankingNameBest FeatureCurrent Price
Lenovo Ideapad 330-15IKBi3 6006U 1.6 GHz to 3.4 GHz processor
Price On Amazon
HP 14-dk0017ns1920x1080 pixels anti-reflection screen
Price On Amazon
Lenovo Legion Y54016 GB of RAM
Price On Amazon
Medion Akoya E425164GB SSD & Intel Ultra HD Graphics
Price On Amazon

Recommended Characteristics of a Laptop for Business & Office Use

After knowing a little about the needs we must define something basic that our laptop must have. 

We must take into account that RAM memory is responsible for storing data from programs running at the time. 

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It should be clarified that it does not store, but helps the performance of the laptop so it is recommended at least 2GB of RAM. However, if it is possible to acquire a laptop with 4GB of RAM or more would be a great option, so that the performance of the laptop is much better.

In conjunction with the RAM memory works the processor, which helps the power that will have the laptop to run a program. 

The minimum for the recommendation of a good processor that is 32 or 64 bits with a frequency of 1.6 GHz, of course you should bear in mind that if the processor is more than 1 GHz will get better performance.

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These parameters indicated above are recommended because most programs used for office tasks have minimum requirements to meet their resources. 

However, if you can acquire a laptop with better features, it is ideal for running different tasks at the same time and thus be able to get a good performance without difficulty and without forcing the laptop.

One of the most used programs is the Microsoft Office package, which offers us the tools to be able to do any activity in our work environment, business, studies and any that can be adjusted in the use of carrying out office tasks. 

Such is the case of Excel, one of the most used tools by companies worldwide, to carry out either; Payroll, Product Database, among millions of other functions.

The above mentioned requirements are essential to run the programs in an efficient way. Of course there are many other features that must be evaluated as well, before purchasing the laptop.

That’s why we will be helping you in clarifying doubts and knowledge of the basic components of a good laptop, in our sections is the help you need.

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Other Features You Should See When You Buy Your Laptop

It is important to take into account other characteristics that are superficially important for its use, such as the measures of the laptop, because it is a laptop, the laptop is small compared to desktop computers. 

This minimizes the use of space which is one of its great advantages. 

However, it should be evaluated if the equipment is for example for sales executives who need to take their equipment when they are going to offer their products or services. 

In this case, you should also evaluate the weight and the time that the battery lasts, because this can help a lot to the user’s performance.

The other options that a laptop can bring in terms of user comfort can be the resolution of the laptop, which goes hand in hand with the computer’s graphics card. 

Some interesting features and is a good note that we do for the choice of your laptop, is that if your work area is based on graphic design or is related to this area. 

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It is important for you to know that this area of work requires high-end equipment, with a certain degree of demand inside, as is your graphic card. 

A serious example; If you have to watch 4k videos, we tell you that to play 4k videos you need a laptop with an Intel Core i7 processor with 2.3GHz Quad-core or higher as minimum requirements. And that’s not to mention RAM and hard drive capacity.

Which should be; a RAM of 8 GB or more complete with a hard drive that is 7200 RPM, this is only in the case that you have to play video of high graphic demands such as 4K for example.

If you only need a laptop for simple office presentations such as PowerPoint, Word documents, Excel documents. Surely with a low or medium range laptop you will be fine. 

Now you should know that if your laptop model is low in storage features and you will think about how to manage so many documents for your presentations. 

We mention that with Google Drive digital office tools, you can give a plus in performance to your laptops.

You may ask yourself which operating system is the most recommended? Well, we tell you that you can use an operating system with minimum requirements such as Windows 7. Now, if you need to handle more graphics, better image with a Windows 10 Bastara.

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From the above, it is important to note that operating systems are the choice and preference of each user. As you may be a fan of Windows, Linux or Macs operating systems.

Bearing this in mind, the only thing left to do is to choose the equipment that best suits your office activities. Taking into account the budget of the person who is going to acquire it.

List of the Best Laptops for Business & Office

To help you find the right laptop for your needs, we bring you a list with the description of the best models currently for office automation:

  • Lenovo Ideapad 330-15IKB.
  • HP 14-dk0017ns.
  • Lenovo Legion Y540.
  • Medion Akoya E4251.

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1) Lenovo Ideapad 330-15IKB

The Lenovo Ideapad 330-15Ikb is a really practical, simple and good performance model in the functions that it is exposed to develop.

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This model integrates a great i3 6006U processor which works in frequencies that go from 1.6 GHz to 3.4 GHz, allowing it to give greater speed in the execution of the programs and functions that work on it. 

In addition, it has a 4 GB DDR3 RAM memory and a 128 GB hard disk for solid storage. Which makes all the tasks performed on this laptop an optimal performance. 

Its screen is 15.6″ full HD 1366×768 pixels, under the operation of an integrated graphics card Intel HD Graphics 520. On this powerful screen you can see every job, detail or trade you want to capture in your work.

Its shortcomings are that it does not come with an operating system previously installed, but it is only a matter of looking for the operating system to be installed. 

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But thanks to its pre-configured boot features with which comes the BIOS, which allows you to install the operating system in a much faster way. The only thing left is for the user to choose the system of his preference.

With this laptop you can run both the programs that are installed (Office Package) and the applications that you run using the internet (Google Tools), you can connect to a wireless network and communicate with either the local area network or the internet.

Ideal to take to the office, work meetings, to close or attract business, easily moved because it is very light and will never stop giving an excellent performance.

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2) HP 14-dk0017ns

This HP 14-dk0017ns laptop is an excellent choice for office automation, since it contains some very relevant features such as an AMD Ryzen 7 processor that in high frequencies can reach up to 4 GHz.

In addition to its powerful processor, it integrates a RAM of 8 GB and a 256 GB hard drive, including this power a 14-inch full HD anti-reflection screen of 1920×1080 pixels.

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Now, if you want to go for more and better features of this model and turn it into a can range of excellence.

As for example, you can expand the RAM memory if you want to do it later, although to be honest it is a powerful computer, as is the anti-reflection screen.

It has an elegant and fine presentation completed by its structure that makes the laptop thin and very easy to transport, offering a reliable performance. The screen with micro borders gives you more visibility thanks to its reduced edges.

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You will get more power on screen as when making video conferences, even in low light work situations, and turn each presentation into an excellent presentation.

It has an already installed operating system that is Windows 10 which is very efficient and the compatibility of this operating system with the programs is very good.

In conclusion, it is a very completely equipment with which you will be able to make the different activities in a fast and efficient way. Where you can even be the envy in the office for having this powerful model.

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3) Lenovo Legion Y540

Now we present the model laptop Lenovo Legion Y540, representing the high range and is ideal for users who need to use great requirements, and despite the use you want to give it. 

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Among the most outstanding features is its i7 9745 processor with a performance in the working frequency from 2.4 GHz to 4.5 GHz in high frequency work.

Each one of its qualities is represented by state-of-the-art technology and high range in the performance of its functions, as well as it has a cold front incorporating the latest functions that a dual channel thermal system can offer.

It is necessary to emphasize that the cooling system that this model has is individual between CPU and GPU which makes it ideal to be able to maintain the most suitable temperatures for the system. 

Composed by 4 thermal vents, with heat synchronization, for lower temperatures in the keyboard sector and reinforced by 70 individual fan blades, per channel to reduce the noise of the system.

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This laptop has 16 GB of RAM storage which is normally recommended for gamers, so imagine the performance you can have in your office functions or in any work environment you perform. 

However, it is important to mention that it is excellent to be able to play 4k videos, so if it is your need in graphic design jobs with high demand for laptop performance, this is the right equipment.

In conclusion, it is important to note that this laptop is high-end, which represents an expensive model. 

So if it is not in your budget to acquire this laptop, we suggest you to evaluate other models of lower cost.

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4) Medion Akoya E4251

If you’re looking for a laptop that’s not too expensive with good features for simple tasks like surfing the Internet, doing jobs while traveling, helping your kids with their homework, or running simple programs. 

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The Medion e4251 laptop is ideal for you, it has 4gb of RAM memory that allows you to give a good performance to the processes to make in your tasks on this model.

Now, if you don’t know much about this brand, it’s important that you know that Medion has more than 30 years of experience and history in small and large household appliances, including computer manufacturing.

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If you work in an office and need a lightweight laptop this is ideal, the only detail would be the little internal storage space, since it does not have a solid storage hard drive, but a 64 GB eMMC flash memory.

But this is not a limitation, since thanks to technology we can resort to digital clouds and/or you can also resort to expand storage, either with another disk or using an external hard drive, it is a very simple detail. 

However, for the tasks needed, the team performs much and gives the height with the programs, and includes operating system and Office 365 which is a basic package to view and edit documents.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Do I need a big budget to buy a new laptop for office work?

Not really, there is low and medium range equipment that can be acquired at a reasonable price; likewise, you will be able to carry out office automation tasks without problems.

Q: If I have a RAM memory and a low capacity hard disk, what can I do?

The most advisable thing to do is to evaluate if your laptop allows you to replace the RAM memory and hard drive with a higher capacity one.

Q: What should I do if my laptop comes without an operating system?

If you don’t know how to install the operating system, we suggest you take it to a technical support service and let them do the installation. Now, if you want to experience this you can watch some tutorials on the web and try it.

For the safety and care of your laptop, always consult the experts.

Keep visiting Laptop Guide to read latest reviews and if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment down below.


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