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If we talk about sound, it comes to mind a huge amount of appliances, such as televisions and even laptops that already include some speakers. What is very true, is that they do not have the necessary power to listen to our favorite music as it deserves.

That is why many users choose to purchase new additional speakers that meet the requirements that many of us ask for, in this case the power and audio capacity.

In our modern world and thanks to our dear friend the technology, many players have been created that provide excellent audio quality. However, not all speakers are good enough to be part of our laptop.

Laptop Speakers Comparison

RankingNameBest FeatureCurrent Price
Trust Tytan 2.0 Laptop SpeakersThey are of size 10 x 21 x 21 cm and weight of 1.03 kg
Price On Amazon
Woxter Big Bass 95 Laptop SpeakersIts full range unit is 3 inches and includes a headphone and AUX input
Price On Amazon
Logitech Z120 Laptop SpeakersConvenient controls i.e. Power and volume are at your fingertips
Price On Amazon
Incutex Laptop SpeakersThey come with a blue LED light that gives them a more elegant and attractive touch at first glance.
Price On Amazon
Mars Gaming MS1 Laptop SpeakersEquipped with 6 sound drivers and 10W of power.
Price On Amazon

I want to suppose that at some point in your life, you have been visiting your best friend’s house, everything is laughter and fun, until it’s time to play music and you realize that the sound quality and power you perceive is incredible. At that moment the question comes to your mind.

How is this possible?

Maybe it’s their laptop, maybe it’s better than yours. But the answer is: their speakers are the best.

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So don’t be left behind, don’t let the sound of your laptop be too outdated, maybe you have already taken a dip on the Internet, in the various digital marketplaces, and you will have come across a large list of available models, and I understand that choosing is a task that becomes more difficult when you search and search for various options. Worry no more, that’s what I’m here for!

Before purchasing one of the best speakers on the market, it is important that you evaluate several features, maybe you are looking for wireless or wired speakers, some all-terrain model or for specific purposes. I know there are many doubts and questions but I promise you that everything will be solved in this article.

What You Should Know About Speakers

Before I introduce you to the characteristics that you should evaluate, for me it is of great importance that you know these three points, since the quality of your purchase will depend on them.

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You should know that the power of the speakers does not mean that they are of great quality. Personally I can recommend those speakers of 20 watts. But if you are looking for a cleaner or textured sound, it is important that you focus on the frequency ranges.

You can find high quality wireless speakers. However you have to assess the devices that are compatible, in a matter of sound quality you are looking for or the utility you want to give you should decide on one or the other.

If you want speakers for your laptop you must have 5.1 equipment. Not all systems of this type are compatible with different laptops. But do not worry, there are adapters if necessary and the quality they offer is usually very high thanks to the surround sound.

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What Is a Laptop Speaker?

Well, roughly speaking, laptop speakers are devices that are responsible for improving the sound quality of electrical equipment. They are designed to focus on increasing the sound power and as a benefit for you, you get an excellent sound experience. 

They are designed to surround you in any situation, whether it is a video game or your favorite movie.

It should be noted that many laptop speakers can have other functions, as not only serve to play, some others such as surround 5… are perfect for watching series or movies.

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Types of Laptop Speakers

The decision to choose between one model and another depends on several factors, it is not a task that you should take lightly, since all models are focused on meeting certain needs. For example, you must take into account the space you have available, since some speakers have to manage more or less elements; there are three types of speakers 2.0, 2.1, 5.1.

2.0 Speakers

These speakers have good sound quality and are very versatile. They do not include a subwoofer, they are for less demanding users and are the most economical option on the market. 

They also stand out for having a clean and strong sound in textures, usually have excessive bass and some others allow you to incorporate a subwoofer when you consider it necessary.

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2.1 Speakers

These models consist of two speakers that include a subwoofer, and are designed to reproduce bass sounds with great cleanliness and quality. Without forgetting that they require more space and if they are not balanced they can present distortion problems. Also, there can be economic models and other more expensive ones, it all depends on the brand.

5.1 Speakers

These incredible models are designed for all those users who love movies and video games, already have integrated subwoofers and consist of several speakers. They usually consist of 4 speakers and a subwoofer, require a higher investment and you must take into account that they also require more space to accommodate, and therefore, require you to have a high quality laptop.

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Purchasing Criteria

Now that you have reached this point, you must keep in mind that no two speakers, even if they are of the same brand, will sound the same. Therefore, the task of choosing the model that suits our needs, can become a difficult task and in turn, impossible. 

That can happen when you do not have the necessary and basic information to buy, this will not be the case, because here I will describe the points you should consider so you can buy the ideal model for you and your investment is smart.

Take note and at the end you will be able to choose the best for you.

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Wired or Wireless

No matter which one you choose, many wired and wireless models offer the quality you need. These days, most of the users prefer to choose wireless models, as they offer more convenience, however, bluetooth speakers tend to be more expensive. But in these cases you can find value for money.

But to choose wireless speakers, you must know their profile, in this case I refer to the codecs with which they are compatible, they depend on the sound quality and which will have to choose between one model or another that is compatible.

Codecs for Bluetooth Speakers


This codec is compatible with A2DP bluetooth speakers, ideal for MP3 and AAC formats, the audio is presented in bitrate of 320 kbps (great for listening to music streaming services). 

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Capable of transmitting sample rates of 44.1 Khz and the audio it offers is of very good quality, although it is usually very unconscious in economic alternatives.


Encodes audio with superior efficiency. Able to process more information, it has several alternatives (APTX LL and APTX HD). This feature is typical of high-end speakers, ideal if you are looking to play sounds that go beyond just songs.


These are similar to the SBC, the difference that stands out the most is in the superior sound quality. This is one of those that has become popular thanks to the Apple iTunes platform.

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When it comes to finding a compatible model, both low-end and high-end models are compatible with any laptop, but there are also some cases where it is indicated with which versions of Windows are compatible or with different operating systems. This does not mean that they do not work with older versions.

But, in the 5.1 speakers, you should pay more attention because it is known that these accessories are not manufactured with laptop users in mind. But don’t be alarmed, after all they are very functional if you like to watch movies on your laptop and enjoy excellent multimedia sound. Pay close attention to the product specifications,

Power and Quality

On many occasions we look at those models of speakers that guarantee high power. But we must remember that power without control is useless, and some brands even use this feature to cover up some shortcomings. So remember that high power is not synonymous with quality.

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This is something very true, it is said that you can determine the quality of a speaker without testing it first. This has been extended to several quality brands, which can disappoint from a practical point of view. Some users comment that reputable speakers that feature 20 watts or a little more, you can get a surround sound.

Don’t be fooled and analyze each product well!


If you are a user who has always had wired speakers within reach and you are thinking of buying something similar. You should know that not all are the same, each type of cable has its pros and cons, but that is not the main thing, what you should pay attention to is compatibility. Without it there is no purchase.

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There are speakers with 3.5 mm AUX output and they are the most common. In some complex speakers you may need up to three AUX ports. On the other hand there are the RCA, they are not specific for laptops, but with the help of an adapter you can use them.

Type of User

We have already mentioned this point many times, think well what will you use your new speakers for? to watch Netflix or AmazonPrime, then maybe you should opt for a 5.1 system or a 2.1 mid / high end.

Are you a gamer? Then you need a 2.1 or 2.0 mid/high-end speakers, with them you will get the ideal sound quality for your games.

But if you only want to use them to listen to music, you can use an economic 2.0 speakers. In addition to this you should think if you care a lot about the bass, if that is your case then look for 2.1 with a range of frequencies adapted for it and finally, if you are not satisfied with the sound you get and want to adjust it to your will, then you should buy speakers with equalizers.

Before You Buy

As a final point I would like you to know that having very expensive and high quality speakers does not have to be a luxury, otherwise, economical mid-range speakers will suit you very well. Always consider the situations of use, not all are ideal, all types of speakers have a difference in sound.

And I remind you again, you have to look for the right speakers for the use you intend to give them, to listen to music, watch movies, or play video games. Whatever your use, you must evaluate the different parameters, which I have already covered in this buying guide, this will be very helpful to find a quality sound.

Best Speakers for Laptop Review

We have shortlisted for you the 5 best models of speakers, these models have been chosen by experts, thinking about meeting your needs in order to make your purchase safe:

1) Trust Tytan 2.0 Laptop Speakers

The speakers Trust Tytan 2.0 are an elegant complement to your laptop, connect them and start enjoying excellent surround sound in your home or office, you will not have to worry about their portability, as they are of a size of 10 x 21 x 21 cm and with only a weight of 1.03 kg, it will be very easy to transport them wherever you go in the comfort of your backpack.

They are a sophisticated set of speakers with a clear sound and a powerful maximum output of 36 W (RMS of 18W), are equipped with a bass and volume control easily accessible on the front face.

Not only that, it has a connection for your headphones, line-in for tablets, phones or MP3 players. 

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Its incredible design allows you to better hear the sound coming from your favorite movies or, if you are a video game lover, this excellent speaker will give you the best sound experience while playing.

These pairs of speakers connect easily through the USB port of your laptop, so you won’t need to connect any speaker to a wall outlet, and the convenient and compact design allows you to easily place and store them anywhere.

An excellent pair of speakers that will give you the best sound experience while enjoying a movie or video games, do not miss this opportunity and acquire the best speakers to be part of the users who are already enjoying the quality and power of this accessory.

2) Woxter Big Bass 95 Laptop Speakers

The Woxter Big Bass 95 laptop speakers are an elegant and powerful 2.0 system with which you can enjoy a great audio experience in your movies, series or video games and music.

In addition, they are very practical because they have a dimension of 97 x 207 mm, ideal for your laptop and even your video game consoles.

These incredible speakers have a piano black finish design which looks very elegant in any place where you place them, it has buttons to adjust the volume, bass and treble on the front.

Its full range unit is 3 inches and includes a headphone and AUX input, all located on the front, it is very comfortable and versatile.

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The front auxiliary input is very useful to connect your music player devices, and also, they are very easy to connect to your laptop, as it has a 3.5 mm mini jack for you to connect it to the headphone input on your laptop.

Its frequency response is: 50 Hz-20 kHz; separation > 35 dB; S/N Ratio > 70 dB.

With Woxter Big Bass 95 speakers you will have the best surround sound quality in your environment, do not miss this opportunity.

3) Logitech Z120 Laptop Speakers

The Logitech speakers are very compact and have a comfortable design. They have a dimension of 9 x 8.8 x 11 cm, this favors them, because they are very versatile and easy to control.

With these amazing speakers you can connect anything you want, any type of music player that uses a standard 3.5 mm input, this has the advantage of listening to your favorite music with greater clarity, you deserve something better than your laptop speakers.

Its power and volume controls allow you to adjust the sound to your will, without heavy effort or complicated controls, plus its cable management system simplifies the use and this in turn, becomes more enjoyable.

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These compact USB speakers make it easy to connect to almost any type of audio player, so you can use them for a better music experience or for a more realistic experience while enjoying a movie or video game.

These speakers are very popular, since their USB connection allows them to get their power directly from your laptop, forget about the annoying wall connections, as an additional benefit, you can enjoy great sound quality without worrying about the space on your table or desk, you can take them wherever you want with greater comfort.

Forget about annoying cables that cause a mess, with Logitech speakers your desk will be in order all the time, and you will enjoy a great sound in your environment.

4) Incutex Laptop Speakers

The Incutex brand speakers are designed for desktop and laptop computers, they are a very compact and small model, which help you save space on your table or desk because they have a dimension of 18 x 8.2 x 7.4 cm and you can take them anywhere. 

As an additional feature, they are made with a blue LED light that gives them a more elegant and attractive touch at first glance.

The best thing about these speakers is that they have a very modern and elegant design, as they are equipped with non-slip rubber feet and a resistant shell.

You can easily use them on all kinds of laptops, and even your mobile devices and any audio player with a standard 3.5 mm input. These speakers need a USB connection to work, if you do not have USB connection devices it is recommended to purchase the battery to use them away from home or the USB charger for home use.

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With these incredible speakers you can adjust the volume level until you get the desired level, no doubt, you will have a great listening experience in your favorite movies, music and even your video games. 

They are ideal for small environments and for you, if you are not a demanding user and are looking for an alternative to improve the audio of your laptop these are a very good and economical option.

5) Mars Gaming MS1 Laptop Speakers

The Mars Gaming speakers will take you to the best sound experience during your games. They are a very compact model and are equipped with 6 sound drivers and 10W of power, these speakers will cover all your needs.

Their incredible and elegant design in red and black color makes them ideal gaming speakers, in addition to carrying a logo that gives them an elegant and aggressive touch.

Its innovative system made up of 6 drivers, 2 active and 4 passive, promise to turn your games into an experience thanks to its powerful bass. Get an excellent sound quality in every game and be part of the environment.

Its size of 6.5 x 11 x 8 cm make them a compact model that you can accommodate without problem on your laptop, they are a very small size and in addition, its power supply through the USB port of your laptop and its 3.5 connection directly from the headphone port will facilitate the installation.

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This will allow you to take them wherever you want and enjoy each of your games without losing the excitement of the game with the audio you deserve.

They are a perfect model if you are looking to give a more aggressive audio to your video games and live the best experience of your life.

These speakers are made by and for gamers, do not wait any longer and enter into a more realistic environment and be part of the game. Do not miss this opportunity, excellent audio quality at an affordable price just for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Are These Speakers Resistant to Falls?

All speakers are undoubtedly manufactured with top quality materials, however, no model ensures you to be intact after falling, as we know, can suffer dents and in other cases even partial failures, it is of great importance that you are very careful during handling and try to place them in a safe place.

Q: Can I Use My Speakers at Maximum Volume?

Of course you can, it all depends on the model you choose, this is due to the fact that some speakers distort the sound when the volume is turned up too high, try not to do it for long periods of time, since doing so reduces the life of the speakers.

Q: Can I Connect My Speakers to a Wall Outlet?

If the model requires it, you can do it with confidence, if the indications say that it only connects to your laptop, do not risk a practice that you may regret, it is better to follow the indications mentioned in the user manual.

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