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In this comparison we will help you make the decision to purchase the best support for your laptop. Nowadays, there are several models of stands for laptops available in the market, all are very good, with different features, but you should always keep in mind what is right for you and what fits your budget and needs.

We know beforehand that laptop stands are not the best-selling or the most common laptop accessory on the market. But they can be very useful for some people. Therefore, it is worth knowing the features of these products, since the selection has grown quite a lot and has improved in many aspects. So that you have a better idea of what you can find and acquire in the market.

We have prepared for you a list with the 5 best stands for your laptop, all of them have good features, besides being the best in the market and likewise, some aspects that you should consider before making your purchase.

Laptop Stands Comparison

RankingNameBest FeatureCurrent Price
NULAXY Laptop Standompatible with all models of laptops from 10 to 17 inches in size
Price On Amazon
SIMBR Standing Desk (Laptop Stand)SIMBR stand has 4 height levels and 5 angles.
Price On Amazon
G-Color Laptop Standideal for laptops from 11 to 15.6 inches, with a capacity to hold up to 15 Kgs
Price On Amazon
1home Foldable Laptop StandIt's easy adjustment allows you to tilt your laptop in up to 5 different angles
Price On Amazon
AmazonBasics Laptop StandThis support is made with a very fine metal grid and its forward tilt angle, allowing your laptop to be ventilated at all times
Price On Amazon

Things You Should Know About Laptop Stands.

Before you make your purchase for a new laptop stand, it is important that you take into account some things and some of these stands are not cheap, or simply are not suitable for your needs, before buying or choosing a model, take note of the following points.

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Function of the Laptop Stand

If you are already familiar with the subject, or have no idea what a stand is, this is of interest to you.

A laptop stand is more than an accessory or a luxury that you can give yourself. It is a tool that should always be present on your desk or on your table, remember that if you work comfortably, you work better.

When buying you should always keep in mind that you are not going to buy a support just because your friends or coworkers have it, always keep in mind that it is an accessory that besides giving something more than just height to your laptop, it will take care of your health, in this case I mean your back, because it is quite uncomfortable to have to hump you to work.

Your health comes first, don’t wait until it’s too late to regret future pain or irreversible damage.

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Why Use a Laptop Stand?

If at some point in your life, on your work trips or just breaks, you have had to be in front of your laptop in a not so comfortable place, let’s say the train, bus or the most common, the chair of a cafeteria.

Then you will agree with me that sitting in one of these places is not fun at all, you may have noticed that magically, the desire to work is gone instantly and instead of your hands and mind are on the keyboard or mouse, they are on your neck or back because you can no longer stand the pain that this causes.

Something that doesn’t happen when you have a laptop stand at your fingertips.

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In my opinion, there are two basic reasons to start working with a laptop stand.

  • To maintain the proper functioning of your equipment.
  • To maintain and improve your own health.

Utility of the Laptop Stand

A laptop stand is an accessory that can be of great help in several aspects, the main one is to help free up space either on your desk or table, and if you wonder how is this possible?

This is because by acquiring one of these stands, your laptop becomes a little higher, therefore, you no longer have to rest it directly on your table and as a benefit, you will have some additional free space under the stand to place whatever you want. This is a good way to gain space that the laptop will no longer occupy on the table.

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Laptop stands are a good option for those users who work with more than one laptop. Either in combination of two laptops or just one laptop and a desktop. This is beneficial for you if you work or study graphic design or programming. 

This way you will have a better view of both screens. A good way to control the situation. You will also be able to work more comfortably, as there will be more space on your desk for two screens.

In general, the stands raise the height of your laptop. A very good aspect as it will help you to correct your posture, because your laptop will be in a more comfortable position for your neck. 

This way you will no longer have to look down, as is usually the case. Now you will be able to keep your neck straight at all times. Say goodbye to bad posture and the pain or discomfort it can cause.

By placing your laptop on a stand, the lower part will not be in contact with your table or desk. Something that is very effective for your laptop is to have better ventilation. Thanks to this, you can prevent your laptop from overheating. 

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Keep in mind that the support does not guarantee 100% that this will happen, but they help a lot. In addition to this, there are also laptop stands that already include fans to improve cooling efficiency.

Before You Buy

Now that you know what is the main function of these stands in general, it is time to start analyzing which will be the ideal support for you, always remember that your health comes first. In addition to this, you should know that the stands are a simple accessory, but that does not mean that they are cheap.

If you have already taken a dive on the Internet and in different stores, and still do not know which model to choose, here I show you the 5 best laptop stands, all have been chosen by experts according to their quality and economy. 

Take a few minutes to analyze each one and choose the one that is to your liking, as long as it suits your needs and takes care of your pocket.

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Best Laptop Stands Review

Below we reviewed the best laptop stands that are currently available on the market and will guide you when making your choice:

1) NULAXY Laptop Stand

The NULAXY laptop stand is made of aluminum and is compatible with all models of laptops from 10 to 17 inches in size, such as Macbook, Macbook Pro, Lenovo, Acer and even the DJ controller.

As the name says, it is a stand that also works as an elevator to raise the laptop screen to a suitable level for the eyes, besides helping to correct posture and reduce neck, back and even eye pain.

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This fabulous laptop table stand is made of 5mm aluminum alloy, a high quality material that can support a weight of 8.8 pounds (up to 4 kg), its stability is quite safe because it is covered by a rubber-like material on the legs and the base of the laptop support, to prevent slipping and better settlement.

This stand can be disassembled into 3 parts for easy storage. With step-by-step installation included for easy and safe assembly.

In addition, the aluminum alloy serves as a heating pad to cool the laptop. Its forward tilting angle allows good ventilation and airflow to prevent the laptop from overheating.

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2) SIMBR Standing Desk (Laptop Stand)

The fabulous SIMBR stand has 4 height levels and 5 angles. What makes this stand out is that once it is leveled it works as a monitor riser and when tilted, as a laptop stand.

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The biggest advantage it offers is that once the laptop is placed, a space of 32 x 14 cm is free underneath, ideal to place a game console, such as a PS4 or an office supply.

The matte surface, on the front the deflectors and rubber panels are anti-slip, prevent the laptop from falls or blows, give greater support and a fixed position, the 4 legs with stripes make the support more fixed.

The panel is distributed with several holes, which allow heat to have a uniform dissipation, favoring the life of your laptop and greater efficiency, it’s great design of curved lines on each edge protects it from bumps, a feature that is beneficial when there are children near the laptop.

On the other hand, this stand is made of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), a material of high strength, good toughness and repellent to all moisture and corrosion. Very easy to clean, in this case coffee or soda stains will not be a problem.

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3) G-Color Laptop Stand

The large G-Color stand is ergonomically designed with 3 levels of height adjustment that rises up to 14 cm above the table. This stand is designed to protect your eyes and back at all times, working in comfort is the key to success.

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This support has a deflector that prevents slipping of your laptop, a high quality structure that allows good stability of your laptop, ideal for laptops from 11 to 15.6 inches, with a capacity to hold up to 15 Kgs and is also compatible for tablets.

If you think the size will not allow you to work well, don’t worry, this stand is very convenient, because its size is small and will become more compact after folding, lightweight and easy to carry, suitable for anywhere, whether it is your home, office or during your travels.

The back of the stand has a hollow design, which allows your laptop to be properly ventilated and kept at a good temperature, avoiding wear and tear and overheating.

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In short, you get quality and comfort at your fingertips.

4) 1home Foldable Laptop Stand

The great laptop stand 1Home is designed to raise your laptop screen and have a better view, helps you to have a better position when working, reduces eye and neck strain and improves your posture, in addition to providing better air circulation to keep your laptop in the best conditions.

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It is made of a resistant black powder coated steel that allows you to have a better support, also it is designed for laptops up to 17 inches, supporting a maximum load of 6 kg.

It’s easy adjustment allows you to tilt your laptop in up to 5 different angles, all depending on your needs. It folds for portability and travel, it is so small that you can even carry it in your laptop backpack.

The anti-slip pad gives your laptop better stability and provides greater security, and as an added bonus, this stand includes 3 Velcro straps for better cable management.

An ideal support for you to work with greater comfort, ready to take it to all your trips and get good results in all your tasks.

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5) AmazonBasics Laptop Stand

The AmazonBasics stand is a very compact model that allows you to work more comfortably and keep your laptop always safe with its metal grid design which you can adjust the height depending on your needs.

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This comfortable stand provides you with the best working experience and an excellent condition for your laptop. By raising the height of the stand, your laptop gets a slight forward tilt angle, creating a comfortable angle for reading or typing. Its versatility allows you to work at your desk or on the couch.

This support is made with a very fine metal grid and its forward tilt angle, allowing your laptop to be ventilated at all times, thus ensuring the best performance of your laptop and preventing overheating and as if that were not enough helps prevent its performance to be lower, and possible failures in the system that may arise.

As an added bonus, this laptop stand also features a cable organizer that allows you to keep everything in order without hassle, you can sort all kinds of cables, from USB, to Ethernet and RCA. Simply press the cable into one of the slots and gently pull it out to remove and replace it.

A comfortable and practical support that will take care of your laptop and your posture.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What Are the Benefits of Purchasing a Laptop Stand?

Acquiring a stand brings many benefits for you, you can work more comfortably from anywhere, you take care of your back and neck thanks to its height adjustments, besides, a stand helps you to keep your laptop at its temperature, among many other benefits.

Q: Can I Transport My Stand Easily?

Sure, you can take it everywhere, but you must make sure that the stand you intend to purchase can be folded or disassembled, if so, you can carry it in your backpack without problems.

Q: Won’t My Laptop Fall When It Is on the Stand?

Every laptop stand gives you the security that your laptop needs, its rubberized designs provide greater support avoiding falls or blows, you can work with peace of mind, because your laptop will be safe at all times.

Q: How Do These Supports Cool My Laptop?

These supports manage to cool your laptop thanks to its platforms with grids, which allow a safer passage of air to ventilate your laptop, the air flow is even better than you can get if it is placed on a table without support.

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