Best Laptops For Students

The main thing to look for when buying a laptop is What do you need it for? Such is the case of students, who need a laptop that gives them maximum performance and does not turn off  in the middle of their work.

Taking into account what the student studies, is where the requirements you need for a great laptop vary, however, at present it is highly recommended that the laptops used by students have at least the following features and specifications:

RankingNameBest FeatureCurrent Price
Lenovo Ideapad 330-15IKBRIntel UHD 620 Graphics Adapter
Price On Amazon
Lenovo S145-15IWLFull HD resolution of 1920x1080
Price On Amazon
HP 14-cm0002ns.AMD A9-2425 dual-core processor of 3.1 GHz
Price On Amazon
CHUWI UBook Pro Tablets PC.4GB RAM & 256GB hard disk
Price On Amazon
MSI Modern 14 A10RB-663XES.NVIDIA GF MX250 Graphics & 16GB RAM
Price On Amazon

Features of Laptop for Students

Good RAM Memory

Good RAM memory is required, since the temporary files of the execution of each process in the laptop will be stored in them. At least 2GB memory is recommended.

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A Good Processor

The speed with which the processor works, will be based on the performance with which the processes of each program is executed. A speed of choice for your processors could be higher than 2GHz.

Processor Cores

If you are a student who will only perform tasks on your laptop, a 2-core processor will be enough for you. But with their career demanding programs to work they can choose laptops that are higher than 4 cores.

Hard Disk

It is recommended that they select a disk with storage memory greater than 256GB, since it will give them optimum performance and operation of their programs.

The above is the basics that a student laptop should have, but you can not leave aside the different needs. As it can be the case that if you are a student in a career where you need a laptop that could run high memory and processing programs, you will require many more features.

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Student Laptop Recommendation

Following are our recommendations for buying a Laptop for students using high performance programs:

It is very common to see the demand for high performance programs in students or professionals in the area of graphic design, video editing, software developers or other programs that require minimum requirements.

Normally they ask for at least 4gb RAM laptops with 3.33 GHz processors, but the demands of the different programs used by students sometimes require more demanding features. 

For those careers that require equipment with potential characteristics in the graphic or visual part of the laptops are demanding in features such as a good graphics card, a RAM memory of good storage and a good processor with excellent speed. 

It should be known that the graphics card is responsible for the definition of the image displayed visually on the computer screen. Which is complemented by the size of the screen, so the great demand for design programs.

If your career demands programs with demanding requirements to be able to be executed, it is of great importance that you take into account the features of the laptop when you buy one:

  • Laptops with i3 processors and above, with speeds of 3.33 GHZ minimum.
  • Hard disks over 350 GB.
  • 8 or 16 GB RAM.
  • High performance graphics card.
  • Processor cores of 8 or more.

Another important point for students is that the laptop should not be large or heavy, so that it can be easily moved from one place to another. The prices of these laptops vary a lot from low to mid-high range laptops; depending on the characteristics.

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Do You Know?

In 2012, 96% of 15-year-old students in OECD (Organization for Cooperation and Development) countries reported having a computer at home, but only 72% said they used a desktop, laptop or tablet computer at school.

On the other hand and very important to know; is that the high-end laptops for students working with the editing programs, these laptops can have a value of $900 and above. 

However, you can also opt for a more economical laptops, but when reviewing the features you should pay attention; if it allows you to upgrade the laptop later. Such as, laptop that allow you to expand their storage capacity, for example, if it brings 8gb of RAM and you can replace it with 16gb RAM.

There are components that can not be expanded as is the case of the processor, since changing a laptop processor is more complicated than in a desktop PC because usually laptops come with the processor soldered to the board of the computer which makes it very risky to make a change.

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Importance of Components

A feature of great importance to students are the ports and complementary characteristics, such as the number and types of ports. 

A recurrent use for students are the USB ports, which are recommended to be at least version 2.0, to ensure a fast use of the port. 

Another port used for presentations are the VGA and HDMI ports, which are the connection of the laptop to another screen, either a monitor, TV or other resource that uses this type of connection required for the audiovisual presentation of student projects.

A port that is no longer used today is the Ethernet port, which is used to connect to a wired network, whether it is a local area network or not. Nowadays it is not so relevant, thanks to the fact that the laptops have the option of WiFi, which is the wireless connection.

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One feature that is of great importance is the hard drive, since it is the information stored directly on the laptop. At present, there is a great tool that is the storage clouds on the Internet, which help us a lot to not fill up our disks with information.

This way they leave that hard disk space for the files of the important programs and give you the execution of all your work programs, without suffering any slowness in fulfilling their tasks.

This freeing up disk space refers to when we install programs such as Office, Illustrator, Photoshop, Sonyvega, AutoCAD or other programs. There are a number of permanent files that remain stored on the disk to run the programs.

That is why we must take into account this series of considerations to keep our laptops in optimal conditions.

Size and Weight of Laptop

When buying a laptop for a student, you should know that preferably its size cannot be too big and not too heavy, because students move around a lot.

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Taking this into account, we must remember that the idea of buying a laptop is to be able to take it anywhere and thus continue studying or doing the activity you want with our equipment.

At the time of choosing it should be a very light but resistant material, the idea is to have a team that lasts a long time, which meets the needs and is not heavy to mobilize it.

Best Laptops for students Review

We will show you a some of the best laptops for students currently available on the market and will guide you when making your choice:

  • Lenovo Ideapad 330-15IKBR.
  • Lenovo S145-15IWL.
  • HP 14-cm0002ns.
  • CHUWI UBook Pro Tablets PC.
  • MSI Modern 14 A10RB-663XES.

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1) Lenovo Ideapad 330-15IKBR Student Laptop

The Lenovo 330-15IKBR i3-7020U, is a mid-range laptop that perfectly fulfills everyday tasks, especially in the student environment. A model that represents being simple and powerful in its characteristics.

A laptop that has powerful features inside like; its i3-7020U 4-core processor with 2.3 GHz processing speed, allowing a good frequency speed for the execution of any study program.

And not to mention the storage capacity with which this model comes equipped, inside its ditch with presentations of this model that come in 4 and 8 GB of RAM. Also, the hard disk presentation is 128 GB at 1TB.

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As it is observed the screen is of 15.6 inches, it possesses the ideal measure, and the resolution is (1920×1080), which makes it excellent for the enjoyment of all his programs. Equipped with an Intel UHD Graphics 620 graphics adapter, for full HD graphics.

For student connectivity it has 2 USB 3.0 ports, for faster file transfer. It has Ethernet local network ports, HDMI ports and Bluetooth connection for wider connections. 

You will not have problems carrying it around, as it weighs only 2.1 kg and the charger included is small and light. It makes it ideal for carrying in a backpack or briefcase, so you can take it from one side to the other. 

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In its design it has a finish which is metallic, without forgetting that it is made of plastic, but this finish gives it an elegant touch in general.

The keyboard is impressive, has a click that is different from other models because it is comfortable and does not sink into the central area of the panel as is commonly seen in other models, not to mention that it is a full keyboard with a number panel on the right.

2) Lenovo S145-15IWL Student Laptop

The Lenovo S145-15IWL, is a laptop that has very good features for the price you find in this presentation.

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A super versatile and slim model of laptop, specially manufactured to carry out day-to-day computing functions, both for students, and for travelers who want to carry their laptops with them at all times.

The truth is that the wonders are not only in the design of this equipment, but it is equipped with high performance content in each of its parts and features that compose it. 

These features are very important as is the case of its internal components, we can mention that it is a lightweight laptop weighing 1.85kg, silver gray, with a screen that works in Full HD resolution of 1920×1080 and complemented by its Intel UHD Graphics 620.

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Whenever you talk about a laptop you should know how is its physical part, and something of relevance is its processor i3-8145U with 3.9 GHz speed, integrated with a RAM memory of 8gb, with a hard disk from 256 to 512 GB depending on the presentation chosen at purchase.

Finally, what you should know, but also important, is the fact that this laptop comes with Windows 10 of 64bits already installed. And without forgetting to mention, that it was one of the most sold models in terms of modernism and design of Lenovo.

The ideal laptop for students who want to bring their equipment to classes, to stand out. With its elegant design and high performance features, it will be your favorite classmate.

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3) Student Portable HP 14-cm0002ns

If as a student you are looking for a laptop that is light and comfortable to complement your homework in a place outside the home. This could be the most suitable, as it only weighs 1.55 kg and with good computer skills.

The representation of this model HP CM0002NS, is for use in students careers for demanding programs that require it. This model is more a team to perform tasks of high school students or first university semesters.

Built for optimal and long-lasting performance, this innovatively designed laptop has a battery for charger-independent process duration of up to 7 hours of running work without a charge. 

In addition, its modern and simple design will represent a great dynamism and elegance when carried by students. A companion that will help you speed up your tasks, or relax and socialize while you do your activities such as; office automation, watching tutorials, listening to audios or watching movies on your study laptop.

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Inside it has the most important features that make the laptop work. Integrated with a 128 GB hard disk and 4 GB of RAM memory, with an AMD Radeon R5 graphics card, giving full HD graphics without problems.

On the other hand, this laptop has an AMD A9-2425 dual-core processor of 3.1 GHz frequency, which makes it work at a speed similar to those of the seventh generation i3 processors.

In conclusion, this is the simplest, lightest and most economical laptop, which will help you to surf the Internet and do the studies you are doing without any inconvenience.

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4) CHUWI UBook Pro Tablet with 2 in 1 Tablet Keyboard for Students

A laptop model that represents the 2 in 1 functionality called by its manufacturer CHUWI, creating this model Ubook Pro Tablet with keyboard, giving it the greatest resemblance to a tablet laptop. 

This is an easy to use laptop for the students, allowing it to be a very practical and comfortable tool as an assistant of their tasks and academic activities to be done on it.

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The students can have the advantage of getting their work done on a high performance laptop at home; and they can use the CHUWI Ubook Pro N4100 to show their designs at home.

Not only it serves to be the tool that allows you to show your assignments, but it can be a very useful tool to study with its design functionality that allows it to be placed as a book to read or to be used as support material in the presentation of your study topics. 

But it is not only composed of design or how practical this laptop can be, that is why it is important to talk about its interior. Which is composed of a 256 GB hard disk, with RAM memory for temporary data storage of 4 GB.

A mid-range processor, but from my point of view I see it in optimal conditions to meet any computer tool; its Intel Gemini-Lake N4100 processor, is Qual-core with a speed frequency of 2.4 GHz on average.

However, being a small and not so heavy equipment it has great features on the screen; with a UHD 600 graphics card allowing an HD definition without any inconvenience. With these components, we realize that it is very useful and powerful.

So if you are a student who requires a study tool that you can take as a second resource within your work plan, this model is the ideal laptop. 

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This is one of the most economical, practical, well designed model with a weight of 780 grams i.e. easy to carry.

5) MSI Modern 14 A10RB-663XES Student Laptop

Now we will talk about the power of this laptop that represents the high range of services and executions that it can give in its functions. And yes, MSI’s modern 14 A10RB-663XES, is a high performance option for students.

We know the performance we can get with a high-end laptop and features off the charts. That’s why the Modern 14 is shielded to be the working tool of students who require high performance programs.

In our analysis we have previously talked about high performance programs and the requirements that laptops must have. This model is one of those special equipment, for those demanding tasks that require good laptops.

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It is a laptop with a 14-inch screen, which is very appropriate for any design or programming student who requires a laptop with powerful features, to run high performance graphics.

The powerful graphics card model NVIDIA GF MX250 gives the reproduction of high quality visual resolutions that a computer requires. And to enable the power of every job it features an Intel Core i7 processor with 4.90 GHz frequency.

Imagine the dexterity you’ll get with its graphics and processor; not to mention its 16GB RAM. The 4-cell battery allows you to perform tasks for several hours at a time with great performance, without excessive battery use.

It is a laptop with a light presentation weighing less than 2 kg and a comfortable size, so you can move it wherever you need. So, high-end laptop model for students working with large-caliber programs, the MSI Modern 14 has arrived.

Thanks to the specifications of this laptop you can be sure of a good performance in all the functions you put to the test.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Do all laptops have to be high-end for a student?

No, a lower-middle range laptop can carry out office tasks in a normal way without complications. High-end equipment is for careers that require heavy programs and high performance.

Q: Is a new laptop for study a good investment?

Actually yes, it is a powerful tool that allows us to perform our tasks in a more optimal way, than in a mobile or a tablet for example. It gives many benefits to a student in his day to day.

Q: How long would a laptop live doing daily work activities?

This laptop can last years, and when I talk about years I mean an average of 5 to 10 years of use, of course with time it loses performance or quality in their processes by the saturation of information that has been worked on them.

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