Best Replacement Batteries for Notebook and Laptop

Thinking of getting a spare battery for your laptop? It’s not a bad idea to have an extra battery on hand in your backpack, you know, for those times when you’re on a trip, you’re comfortable in an armchair while you’re working, sounds great!

What is not fun anymore, is having to go through that uncomfortable moment when you get the notification from your laptop where it says “Low battery, connect the charger”, it is quite frustrating to have to go through that situation, and even worse, if you do not have the charger at hand, either because you left it forgotten at home, or it is simply not in optimal conditions.

It never hurts to have a spare to forget about these uncomfortable moments and always be prepared for any situation.

There are several accessories that can solve this problem, such as a rechargeable battery, but we can not always afford to buy something like that, besides being expensive devices, it is always better to have a plan B.

Leave behind that worry that can not let you sleep and even cause you a worry to be thinking about when your laptop will turn off and lose that progress that has cost you so much effort and sweat.

Therefore, in this article our goal is to provide you with all the necessary information so you can buy one of the best replacement laptop batteries.

Replacement Batteries Comparison

RankingNameBest FeatureCurrent Price
Dtk® Lenovo® Laptop Replacement BatteryIt offers a Li-ion battery with a capacity of 4400 mAh
Price On Amazon
Dtk® WDX0R Replacement Batterymade with 6 Li-ion cells, with a capacity of 4400 mAh
Price On Amazon
Dtk Laptop Replacement Battery for HPproviding up to 500 recharge cycles during its lifetime.
Price On Amazon
Dtk® Replacement Battery for ASUS LaptopsIts grade A cells give this great battery a faster charge and lower consumption
Price On Amazon
SAMSUNG Laptop Replacement BatteriesIts operating time is up to 2 hours (depending on usage).
Price On Amazon

What You Should Know About Replacement Batteries

If you need to be connected to a power outlet to be able to work for only 30 minutes, that is no longer a laptop.

Surfing the Internet, I have come across a lot of questions from users from all over the world, but there was one that left me with a big question: Why do we have to change the battery of our laptops frequently?

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For some reason I was not left with the doubt and I decided to investigate, indeed I found a very peculiar answer; a user answered “Because the manufacturers classify them as consumables”.

I could not believe it! When I saw this I continued investigating and certainly, the Apple brand considers that the battery is a consumable and for that reason its wear is not covered by AppleCare, unless it is a defective battery. 

Similarly Dell considers batteries as consumables, despite their many warranty coverage rules, they do not cover short term wear and tear, this is considered normal, unless, as I mentioned before, it is a defective battery.

Perhaps you have already taken a dip in the Internet and explored various online stores to review the different models that you can find, all batteries are generally very good, but you should analyze some points before making your purchase, criteria and above all, features that you may need to know before making the decision to purchase a battery for your laptop.

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If you are not an expert of the subject, then this might interest you, so, get comfortable and take note, because everything mentioned here will serve you much more ahead.

What Are Laptop Batteries and How Do They Work?

It is called battery or accumulator, to the device that stores energy using electrochemical procedures and that later returns it almost in its totality, this cycle can be repeated a certain number of times.

Laptop batteries are made up of batteries (also called cells), which are connected together in series to increase the administered voltage. In general, laptop batteries are usually made up of 6 cells, each of which supplies electricity with a voltage of about 1.8V – 2v (although they are never exact), so that together they deliver 10.8/11.0V.

It all depends on the voltage and the number of batteries, the total battery may vary.

Batteries can have several voltages and several sets of batteries or cells.

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There are batteries that contain 3 cells, 6 cells and 9 cells.

Likewise, there are also batteries with different voltages: 7.2 V / 7.4 V / 10.8 V / 11.1 V / 14.4 V / 14.8 V. 

When Should I Replace the Laptop Battery?

This will always depend on the brand, laptops do have a program that is responsible for monitoring the status of the battery, a criterion that you can take as a reference is the following: “Can your laptop stay on for at least half the time compared to when it was new?

Tips or rather, conditions that you should evaluate are the following:

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If you need to be connected to an electrical outlet to work within 30 minutes, it is no longer a laptop, it has become a desktop computer with some mobility.

In our modern times the average life of a laptop is approximately 5 to 7 years, but it is very likely that after 5 years of use, the manufacturer will stop producing parts for that model, so this is where you should start thinking about replacing the battery or purchasing a spare, while they are still available.

Knowing the Date of Manufacture of the Battery

It is important that you do not be fooled by the low prices that you can find in various online stores, maybe you can find the battery you need for a price less than 100 USD, big mistake!

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Remember that well says the phrase “cheap is expensive”.

This is very true, because taking as a reference the year in which we are, they can sell you a battery that was manufactured in 2012, that is the most likely reason why the price may be low, so it is better not to be guided by the economy that you see, because the batteries that are stored for long periods, can deteriorate for lack of use. They can even offer you recommendations on the level of charge and how to store it so that it wears out as little as possible.


Keep in mind that a single battery model can be functional for many other laptops and even for other brands. For that reason it is important that you check the Part Number that is silk-screened on the battery label.

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The most convenient and safest thing you can do when buying a battery is to do it by the model, once you locate what model your laptop is, you should focus on the voltage.


It is of great importance that the voltage of the battery that you are about to acquire is the same voltage that your laptop needs. In the case of batteries with 10.8 V or 11.1 V both models are compatible, they work indistinctly. But if your laptop uses a 14.4 V or 14.8 V battery, we can NOT use a 10.8 V / 11.1 V battery.

The battery voltages that you can find in the market are: 

  • 7.2 V / 7.4 V
  • 10.8 V / 11.1 V
  • 14.4 V / 14.8 V
  • 15 V / 15.4 V

MilliAmperes Are They Important?

As you will notice, the capacity of the batteries is measured in mAh (milliampere hours), which is the capacity of the battery to supply energy to our computer so that it can work properly without being connected to the electric current.

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There are 2200mAh / 4400mAh / 5200mAh / 6600mAh / 8800mAh / 12000mAh batteries. Remember that the more mAh capacity the more autonomy our laptop will have.

Normally the batteries that are included when you buy a new laptop range from 4400mAh capacity or other equipment usually bring 2200mAh.

It is advisable that before you make your purchase, check on the silkscreen of the battery, how many mAh it is, because later it will serve as a guide to avoid making a mistake when choosing and you have to regret it later. Take note of this and you will make a safer purchase.

Battery Life and Charge Cycles

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries generally have a lifespan of 300 to 500 cycles. With moderate use we can make them perform up to 60% longer than expected. Batteries wear out or lose their capacity over time, therefore, after a year or two, they usually reduce their life, all this depends on the use you give to the battery.

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If in your environment there is a higher or lower temperature during operation can result in a loss of 70% of its capacity. Therefore it is always recommended not to leave a battery exposed to the sun, or in extreme heat or cold environments. This is for the safety of you and your laptop.

The rate at which your battery discharges will depend on your laptop’s power management settings and also depends on the applications that are running.

The number of times your battery is fully charged and discharged is also a factor in performance.

Internal Elements That Influence Battery Consumption

For your battery to have a good performance and long life, you should know some factors that come from the system of your laptop, and that have as a consequence, the higher battery consumption.

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As you know, it is not the same to use your laptop and work with a Word document, which does not consume much battery, or to be surfing the Internet (where the workload of the components is much lower) to run a game that requires a lot of power and therefore greater workload for the system, as a result generates a higher power consumption from the battery, if the laptop is not connected to the mains.

Some elements that generate higher power consumption are:

  • Processor (CPU)
  • Graphics card (GPU)
  • Ram memory
  • Type of hard disk (HDD or SSD)
  • WIFI
  • Bluetooth
  • Speakers
  • CD/DVD drive or burner
  • Screen brightness
  • WebCam
  • Applications with higher power consumption: 3D games with higher graphics, applications for graphic design, video editing, image editors.

Applications with lower power consumption: Office suite, PDF, Internet browsing, music playback.

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Now that you already know some important points that you must evaluate before acquiring a new replacement battery, it is important to choose the one that adapts to your necessities and falls in your budget. As you know, the batteries vary in price, this depends on the mark and the quality. If you still do not have a well defined battery you can choose between the immense catalog that exists on the Internet.

Replacement Batteries for Laptops & Notebooks Review

We have shortlisted 5 best replacement batteries for your laptop. The models shown here have been previously evaluated by experts and after some testing we have chosen the following for you:

1) Dtk® Lenovo® Laptop Replacement Battery

The Dtk brand is recognized worldwide for the wide variety of computer products and accessories it offers in the market. In this case, the replacement laptop batteries are no exception.

It offers a Li-ion battery with a capacity of 4400 mAh, made up of 6 cells and with a total of 10.8 Volts and a dimension of 20.6 x 5.4 x 2.4 cm.

It has stood out in the market as one of the best, for being compatible with various models of Lenovo laptops such as: : L450 L460 T440s T440 T450 T450 T450s T460 T460 T460P T550 T560 P560 P50S W550s X240 X250 X260, likewise it is compatible with those laptops that have part number 121500146 121500147 121500147 121500148 45N1124 45N1124 45N1125 45N1126 45N1127 45N1128.

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Its cells are class A, designed for faster and more effective charging and lower power consumption during use. Its integrated circuit protection guarantees greater protection and stability, it is 100% new and direct from the manufacturer, with up to 500 recharge cycles during the life of the battery. 

Its estimated operating time is up to 2 hours on continuous use, but remember that if you really want to know the real consumption, this will depend on the time you use your laptop and the type of applications you run.

Before making this purchase, verify that the model and shape of the battery are the same as the ones shown in the pictures, to be on the safe side. A very reliable and high performance model for your laptop, you will have a more durable laptop in all your tasks.

Do not hesitate as one thing we can assure you of is that you will get quality, efficiency and long life at your fingertips.

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2) Dtk® WDX0R Replacement Battery for Acer Aspire One Laptop

A Dkt brand battery, made with 6 Li-ion cells, with a capacity of 4400 mAh and voltage of 11.1 V and with a dimension of 20.4 x 5.9 x 3.2 cm, a very compact and practical model.

This battery model is designed to be compatible with ACER Aspire One series models:

522 / 722 / AO522-C5Dkk / AOD255 / AOD255-A01B/B / AOD255-2DQcc / AOD255-2DQkk / AOD255-2DQkk / AOD255-2DQrr / AOD260-2DGss / AOD260-2Dpu / D255 / D255-1203 / D255- 1268 / D255-1549 / D255-1625 / D255-2107 / D255-2136 / D255-2184 / D257 / D257E D260 / D260-2028 / D260-2097 / D260-2203 / D260-2207 / D260-2344 / D260-2365 / D260-23797.

Likewise, its design allows it to be compatible with those notebook models that have the following part numbers:

AK.003BT.071 / AK.006BT.074 / AL10A31 / AL10B31 / AL10G31 / BT.00303.022 / BT.00603.114 / LC.BTP00.129 / LC.BTP0A.007 / LC.BTP0A.019.

This brand and model are certified by CE, FCC for safety. Strict standards of compatibility and compliance with various standards to ensure environmental friendliness.

Its A-grade cells guarantee this battery a faster charge and lower consumption, it is also equipped with a Texas Instruments IC chip that protects it against overheating, short circuits, overvoltage, among other aspects. This provides up to 500 charge cycles over the life of the battery.

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All these features give the battery an approximate life of up to 4 hours, depending on how you use your laptop.

Replace your laptop’s worn out battery with the Dtk to maintain and extend the life of your laptop at an affordable price.

3) Dtk Laptop Replacement Battery for HP

The replacement battery for HP laptops of the Dtk brand, is manufactured with 6 Li-ion cells, with a capacity of 4400 mAh, a voltage of 10.8 V and a dimension of 20.5 x 5.2 x 2.1 cm, is your best ally if you have in your hands a HP laptop. 

It stands out in the market as an almost universal battery, because this model is available for a large number of models.

The amount of compatible models is quite wide, some of them are the following:

G32 / G42 / G56 / G62 / G72 / ENVY 17-1000 / 17-1100 / 17-2000 / 17-2100 / Pavilion dm4-1000 / dm4-1100 / dm4-1200 / dm4-1300 / dm4-2000 / dm4-. 3000 / dv3-4000 / dv3-4100 / dv3-4200 / dv4-4000 / dv4-4100 / dv5-2000 / dv6-3000 / dv6-3100 / dv6-3200 / dv6-3300 / dv6-4000 / dv6-6000

Similarly, the list for compatible laptops with some part numbers is quite extensive, some of these models are as follows:

593553-001 / 593554-001 / 584037-001 / HSTNN-E08C / 593562-001 / HSTNN-DB0W / MU06 / HSTNN-UB0W / HSTNN-E09C / HSTNN-F03C / HSTNN-LB0X / HSTNN-LB0Y / HSTNN- UBOW / HSTNN-YB0W / MU06047 / MU09 / PT06 / HSTNN-CB0W / HSTNN-DB0X / HSTNN-LB0W / HSTNN-Q47C / HSTNN-Q60C / HSTNN-Q62C / HSTNN-Q73C / WD548AA / WD549AA.

These Dtk products are certified by CE, FCC, strict safety standards to ensure environmental compatibility and safety, and it’s A-grade cells allow this battery to charge faster and consume less power during use.

It is equipped with an integrated circuit that guarantees good safety and stability, thus providing up to 500 recharge cycles during its lifetime.

The standard operating time is approximately 2 hours, but as you know, the duration will depend on the use you make of it. 

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Before replacing the battery of your laptop, it is important that you carefully check the model or part number, so that you do not receive the wrong product that you cannot assemble in your laptop.

4) Dtk® Replacement Battery for ASUS Laptops

The Dtk brand brings for you a battery for ASUS laptops, which is Li-ion, and works with 6 cells at a capacity of 4400 mAh at a total of 11.1 V and with a dimension of 26.9 x 5 x 2.3 cm.

In addition, this model also offers extensive compatibility with various ASUS notebooks, some of them:

A40DE / A40DR / A40DY / A40F / A40JB / A40JC / A40JK / A40J / A40J / A40JA / A40JE / A40JP / A42 / A42D / A42DE / A42DQ / A42E / A42F / A42J / A42JA / A42JR / A42JV / A42QR / A42QR / A42F / A42J / A42J / A42JA / A42JR / A42JV / A42QR A52 Series / A52F / A52J / A62 / A62-9426 / A62-9485 / B53 / B53F / B53J / B53JC / B53JC / D716 / F85 / F86

It is also compatible with computers with part numbers:

70-NXM1B2200Z / 90-NYX1B1000Y / A31-K52 / A32-K52 / A41-K52 / A42-K52 / A31-B53 / K52-L681

It is equipped with an integrated circuit that provides protection and security against all kinds of situations related to electrical energy. Its grade A cells give this great battery a faster charge and lower consumption, thus providing up to 500 recharge cycles during the life of the battery and giving a duration of up to two hours (may vary depending on the tasks you perform).

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Don’t wait any longer and replace your laptop’s damaged battery with a better one.

5) SAMSUNG Laptop Replacement Batteries

The replacement battery for SAMSUNG computers is Li-ion type, with a capacity of 4400 mAh, containing 6 cells and works at a total of 11.1 V, with a dimension of 20.4 x 4.6 x 2 cm, a compact model and as when assembled to the laptop.

It stands out for being compatible with various models of the same brand, some of them:

SAMSUNG Q210 Series / Q210 AS01 / Q210 AS05 / Q210 FS01 / Q310 Series / Q318-DSOE / Q318-DSOH / Q318-DS02 / NP-Q318E / Q318-DSOG / Q318-DS09 / Q318-DS01 / Q318-DSOJ / Q318-DSOKp / Q320 Series / Q320-32P / Q320-Aura p7450 Benks / Q320-Aura p7450 Dar jo / Q320-Aura p8700 Balin Q322

But that’s not all, it is also compatible with other laptops that match the part numbers:


This battery is manufactured under strict standards that always strive for safety and environmental protection. Its grade A cells allow this model a faster charge and lower consumption, providing up to 500 recharge cycles during its lifetime.

Its operating time is up to 2 hours (depending on usage). For greater security, it is recommended to carefully review the list of available models, so that you do not buy the wrong product.

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You are one step away from acquiring a new laptop battery and giving it a longer life, forget about keeping your computer connected to the mains and start enjoying a real laptop.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Are These Batteries Safe?

Of course they are, they are supported by a good manufacturer, besides being compatible with various models, you will have the security that you and your laptop require to work more comfortably, in addition, in case of any defect or problem you can make the return without any problem.

Q: Why Does the Duration of Use May Vary?

This depends mainly on the applications you are running, remember that all the tasks you perform on your laptop consume energy, it is not the same working on a Word document to run a video game with excellent graphics.

Q: Where Can I Check the Part Number of My Battery?

You can verify it when you remove the battery of your laptop, in them a label with diverse specifications comes adhered, there you will find the model number or the part number, most of them are in English, and I don’t believe that you will have any problem identifying them.

Q: What Is the Function of the Integrated Circuit in the Battery?

Good question, the main purpose of the circuit is to protect the battery from any abnormality from the outside, say overheating, overcharging, over voltage, etc.. This is in order that your laptop is not affected by any of these factors, and consequently suffer irreversible damage.

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